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NHL 22 Review



Last season, EA decided to skip the new-gen consoles with the NHL franchise, using the extra time to migrate the game off the aging Ignite engine and going with the superior Frostbite engine for NHL 22. For a game played on ice, it’s odd that it took EA so long to bring their flagship engine to their NHL series, but now that it’s here, the wait was certainly worth it, as the game has never looked or played better. And how it looks and plays is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the new features on the “next-gen” consoles.

NHL 22 feels familiar to players who have played the game in the last few years, especially NHL 21, but as you dig deeper into the new features, the true shine begins to break through. The X-Factors change the game in so many ways. For example, a player with the “Shnipe” X-factor can nail incredible one-timers past even the best goalies, and not to be overmatched, certain goalies have X-Factors of their own. I’ve both used this to my advantage in games, and have been burned with some amazing gameplay from my opponents, both CPU and human.

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