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The Nigeria Flag: History, Meaning And Designer


One of the greatest national symbol of any nation is her flag. It is use to represent a country without having to use its name. It is even of utmost sacred to the military than it is to the civilians. Nigeria flag is one of the most simple yet stylish and stunning in the world.

The flag of Nigeria is flown at the front of all federal, state and local government buildings. Individuals and private organizations like banks have also took the liberty of flying the national symbol.


I have no idea how sacred naija flag is until my camping days in NYSC. The way military men and women treat it with care and respect still marvels me till date. They adores, respect and worship it like the entire nation including the President is standing before them.

Nigeria Flag History, Design & Description.

In the run up to Nigeria’s independence, one of the significant thing needed is a national flag that will be flown to mark the birth of a new democratic nation that will have her own citizens at the helm of affairs.


Which was why an advert was run in a newspaper announcing a competition to create a design for the flag of the upcoming new nation (Nigeria) in 1959. It has a price tag of 100 Great Britain Pounds.

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A young aspiring electrical engineer by the name of Taiwo Michael Akinkunmi saw the advert, came up with a simple design that was selected and modified to become the Nigeria national flag.

So if you were asked who designed Nigerian Flag? His name is Akinkunmi Taiwo. He was at the time a 23 years old student at Norwood Technical College.

The Nigeria Flag: History, Meaning And Designer
The Nigeria Flag: History, Meaning And Designer

Like I said earlier, his design was modified. His original design had a red shinning sun in the middle of the white strip. The exact same position where the coat of arms now resides on the Nigeria Presidential Flag.

Moving on to the description of the modified, adopted and currently still in use flag of Nigeria.

The flag is made up of three vertical bands of the same size with the starting and ending bands painted green while the middle band is painted white.

Meaning of the Colors on Nigeria Flag.

The two (2) green strips is a symbol of Nigeria’s fertile land and natural resources while the white strips stands for Peace and Unity.

Nigerian Flag Post Independence.

The flag of Nigeria was first flown on the 1st of October 1960 which was the day we became independent of the British government. The flag has since then been governed by 1960 Flags & Coat of Arms Act.

Below are some of the do’s and don’t of the flag. Some of them as enshrined in the above act.

  • No other flag or emblem shall be flown higher than it on Nigeria soil.
  • The Flag shall be flown at exactly 06:00 AM and be lowered by 06:00 PM with ceremony which in most cases is the sounding of national anthem.
  • It shall be flown at half-mast during state funerals and memorial days as a sign of respect.
  • Improper display of the flag attracts punishments. One of it been no ordinary person shall display it on their vehicles and those who can should do so on the radiator cap or at the right fender of their car’s chassis.
  • Old or torn flag shall be replaced.

There you have it on Nigeria Flag. Kindly share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

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