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Nigerians share opinions, experiences so far on Covid-19 lockdown


Many Nigerians have shared their experiences and the lessons learnt so far on the Covid-19 lockdown in Nigeria, also detailing how it has shaped their lives.

This was gathered from a Social experiment carried out on Facebook by a Non-government Organization(NGO), Denice Media Productions, tagged ‘Share with Ibe Wada”

The social experiment, which was hosted by Nigerian Journalist, Ibe Wada, sought to gather opinions of Nigerians on what lessons they have learnt so far from the Covid-19 lockdown, and what they think Nigerian leaders and people must begin to do differently in order to take space in the post Covid-19 Nigeria.

While sharing their opinions, many talked about the good side of the lockdown, while others spoke on how badly the lockdown has affected them and the country due to bad policies.

For Facebook user, Abba Musa, Third world countries like Nigeria are not prepared for the aftermath of the covid19 pandemic.

” I must say that the 3rd world countries are not ready or prepared for the post-Covid 19 revolution. We are grateful to God that has helped us as a nation that the outbreak did not spread like other developed countries, if not we may have not been able to curtail the spread. Covid-19 has revealed to us how bad our educational and healthcare  systems are in Nigeria.”

“Nigeria needs to beef up her preparedness for the revolution post Covid-19 will bring. As a nation, this experience should move our attention from doing too much theories in schools to more of practicals and supporting efforts at research work in relevant fields that have direct impact on human life and the ecosystems.”

For another commenter, Geo Lawrence, the Corona virus has exposed the weakness of the Nigeria leadership, while it also serves as a wakeup call for the Nigerian youths to be proactive.

He said; “I would like to imagine that the Corona virus is a lapoon exposing the wants of our health sector. Recently, the secretary to the Federal Government expressed his shock at the sorry state of the health system. (Respectfully) one should not be happy with his comments of surprise. It shows that they (the leaders up there) were oblivious of the poor condition of our health system, showed no interest in it; hence the medical tourisms they embark on.

” Also, the coronavirus saga is a wake up call to everyone, especially the youths. At the very least, we now see the extent of the feasibility of the policies made by the government with respect to the virus. I believe this trying situation should have well-informed the Nigerian youths. As per making an informed decision come the next general elections. In simpler words, as a Nation we should always underscore the delicate importance of our healthcare system, and in trying to do so, we as citizens should make well informed decisions when voting leaders who can be visionary enough to consider the above.”

Another commenter, Ejembi Sunday said; “The country we call Nigeria is the only country in the  Africa continent with potential  to compete with world powers if our material and human  resources are efficiently put to use . Mention any country in the world that can boast that our exported human resources are not behind their success. Imagine if our leaders create a conducive environment for our people to practice, how great Nigeria would have become”

“The problem in Nigeria is that, we don’t believe in ourselves and our potentials due to our poor perceptions about how the game of politics are being played. Do you need to express what I presumed to be your concern for the foreseeable uncertain future if we are not dependent on the powerful nations under the ravaging of the Corona virus ? The answer can’t be short of” no” We are in dilemma because we depended on refined crude oil and because we are sure we may not be able to sustain ourselves as a nation. Most of our resources we would have depended on to withstand the avoidable and predictable macroeconomic problems are lying wasted. Is it Ajaokuta steel or the coal at Okaba, Enugu or the Uranium lying wasted, or our over dependence on crude oil without any thought of diversification?

According to another commenter, Ugochibertha Ikwue, ‘the lessons to be learnt during this lockdown are that, we must build our hospitals to be of international standards, so in times like this there won’t be unnecessary emergencies


“Also, Some youths have exhibited high level of intelligence, we shouldn’t allow them go to waste. This is the time to harvest those intellectuals and make good use of them.”

“We must adopt ways of digitalizing our businesses, and also, take more seriously our research institutes, and provide all necessary equipments/machines needed for research.

” The leaders should take Nigeria and Nigerians more seriously in order to get perfect results that could project us as one of the worlds best.”

“Finally, I think after this total lockdown Nigeria should go back to the drawing board and ensure our infrastructures, social amenities and business hubs are considered among top priority.”

For some others, this Lockdown period have been a period to develop themselves in what they should know.

Queen Agada “Though it hasn’t being funny staying in a particular place for this long but I must say it has been a time for self development. I have improved on my sewing skills and that’s a gain.

Victoria Musa; I’ve been discovering new things about myself. First, I’m getting to learn me. Now I know I can survive indoors, being a company to myself, and learning about the world from my comfort. I’m also trying out some online courses and have been certified in one so far, still on others.

However, in their submission, the organizers, DMPL, called on all stakeholders in the country to play their roles to help Nigeria progress.

‘ We make an eloquent call for Nigeria politicians to have moderation of lifestyle, compassion for the people they lead, renewal of commitment to build and develop the Health, Social, and Economic sectors of the country, and most importantly, cooperation among the lines of class, ethnicity, religion and ideology.  And we must ensure that political conflicts are moderated by overriding purpose.

” Also, Nigerian graduates should not see themselves as among the helpless masses. They should not have a primordial attachment to being in favour of those who count themselves as cheated and helpless. Educated young people must disabuse themselves of being addicts of privileges, that make them remain comfortable in a ‘Npower’ system, contrived to make them beggars in their own country,

“In times as this, those who have received higher education, have a duty to sweat and toil within their fields of learning and experience, to find and offer social, economic, financial, scientific ,philosophical, and spiritual dimensions to help the country out”

“As we look forward to the closure of this chapter on a painful international episode, and uncalled  for holiday brought to us by Covid19, Nigeria, and its people must begin to look within itself and without, and rise up to her challenges, to intentionally seek growth and prosperity”

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