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No one watches you more than your haters — Tiwa Savage


Nigeria’s leading superstar singer, Tiwa Savage has done a whole lot of things since her arrival on the music scene in 2013 with her debut single “Kele Kele Love”. Some bad, some good, depending on the divide you find yourself. Trick or treat, it doesn’t matter because this Isale-Eko, Lagos State-born mother of one keeps winning.

She’s the composite performer who has dazzled with both mother nature and improvisations life has to offer. She’s not wet behind the ears when it comes to her stagecraft and magic, and oftentimes may have led her to the edge of immorality or morality. But she understands the game she’s in and plays it like a master puppeteer, having her fans dancing on the string she weaves. A little body show here and there doesn’t take a skin off her teeth. Even if it means baring it all, Tiwa Savage can bear taking the plunge, which she had on a number of occasions. She did again, on her birthday on 5th of February. She knew what was to follow and damn it all she did.


“No one watches you more than your haters, make sure you give them a show,” she had captioned the poolside bikini picture she posted. She had given too many disconcertingly mesmerising shows in her illustrious 7 years career as a solo artiste and one more wouldn’t definitely rock her boat.

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