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Norman Reedus is in trouble after leaking ‘Death Stranding 2’ news


Anyone who has an inkling of Hideo Kojima’s creative process knows that the man takes his marketing seriously, which means that Norman Reedus may have messed up big time by revealing that the Death Stranding sequel is now officially a thing at Kojima Productions.

It seems that the Metal Gear creator is taking this in good fun as he posted a few pictures of the two of them on Twitter today. The director is holding Negan Smith’s signature spiked bat, while a remorseful Reedus is kneeling in front of him and preparing to take his punishment as Daryl Dixon would.


It’s difficult to say if the entire thing had been planned by Kojima just for the opportunity to recreate one of The Walking Dead‘s iconic scenes, because we all know the director is a nerd like that. But even if Reedus indeed dropped the ball in his recent interview, Kojima is taking no issues with it as far as we can tell, so all’s well for Sam Porter Bridges.

Speaking of whom, the character is soon returning as the United States’ one and only courier, though Kojima may be planning to shake things up for the sequel and focus more on action elements, the lack of which was a point of criticism that threw off a lot of players in the original game.

Who can say what Sam Bridges would do now that the Stranding has been dealt with? Whatever the answer to that question, we can now say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Death Stranding 2 is happening.

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