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Norway Visa in Nigeria: Cost, Application & Requirements (December, 2020)



Certainly, quite some few people know much about Norway, though they might have been hearing about the country for a long time now. Norway is a Scandinavian country that is located in Europe. The country is very welcoming for visitors due to the fact that it is rated as one of the safest country in the world. Moreover, there are lots of opportunities available in Norway; and this has been one of the influencing factor to people coming in. The country is fueled by oil and gas exports which makes them to be extremely efficient and stable with respect to the economy. This has also helps the country to be one of the richest in the world for many many more years to come.

Another major reason why Norway is so wealthy is the thriving petroleum industries and companies in the country. All these industries has made the gap between poor and rich to be significantly small, which has sequentially made the country to have a high standard of living. Without emphasizing much on Norway because there is certainly much to say about the country, we will delve into our major here. This is to get you acquainted with how to get a Norway visa in Nigeria. Surely, this will help you to go to the country and discover all what you want to know about the Scandinavian country.

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Requirements for Getting Norway Visa in Nigeria

Before sending down your application for a Norway visa, here are the important prerequisites which you must send down with your application. Below are the requirements for Nigerian citizens in getting a Norway visa;

  • Norway visa (i.e. the type of your visa – tourist, visit or business visa) application form.
  • Your international passport with at least 6 months of validity.
  • A clear Passport Photographs which should be taken with a white background and it shouldn’t be older than six months.
  • Your National ID card and international passport photocopies.
  • Information form of the applicant.
  • A standard Cover letter for your application.
  • Proof of trip tickets, signed and sealed by the flight company.
  • A Medical insurance will also be required. It should be able to cover at least €30,000 in expenses.
  • Your bank account statement and financial proof for at least six months in a row.
  • Proof of accommodation or hotel reservations in Norway.
  • Introduction Letter – If you’re a worker, then you should get the letter from your employer which should state that you have been granted a leave and the duration of your trip. If you are self-employed, you should include a photocopy of your tax return and business license.
  • For business purpose – Invitation letter from the conference/seminar organizer or company in Norway with which you would have a business meeting.
  • For visiting – A letter of invitation from your family and friends that you wish to visit in Norway. The letter should state the purpose of your visit.

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That’s it on the general requirements for obtaining a Norway visa in Nigeria, next we will highlight how to apply and get this visa.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

After all filling of forms is done and reviewed, the next step should be to submit your visa application to the authorized body. Ensure to visit the VFS Global office (visa application center) to submit your application with all other documents you might need. Make sure you submit the application in time, before your travelling date so as to give you enough time to process and get ready for your trip to Norway. It’s important to note that all applicants must submit their application for Norway visa in person. You must go to the application center yourself and submit the completed application form along with all other supporting documents that is stated and required.

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Step 4: Track Your Application

Now you’re done with the registration and application for your visa, the remaining thing to do is to track your application, so a to know when it will be ready. There is nothing much here as you will have relax and wait for the Embassy’s decision on your application. During the waiting time you can track your application at the VFS application portal. Nevertheless, when your visa is ready, which is when being contacted, ensure to go there on time before the duration of collection elapse.


After all is done on applying for the Norway visa, the leftover will be to receive you’re the stuff. Usually, the processing time for tourist, visit and business visas is a function of individual case. It takes 15 working days to process an uncomplicated visa application. Sometimes it can take way more than that time frame. To be on the safer side, you’re are however advised to apply weeks before their journey commence. This is the size of this write-up as we’ve emphasized much on Norway visa and how to get them in Nigeria.

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