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PayPal – How to Create and Login to | PayPal Account



PayPal is a worldwide online payment system base in American. This is a system that allows users to make an online money transfer. This is more like an alternative to checks and money order and for people who read and make use of the 13 legit ways to make money on the side, PayPal has a big role to play as it makes transferring money quite simple. You can easily make payment for a product or service online using this payment system. PayPal is one of the most secure and world oldest online payment system. This money payment system was established in 1998 and can be used to make payment for products on top online stores including eBay.

PayPal - How to Create and Login to | PayPal Account

PayPal is a money payment system that supports both sending and receiving of funds (money) in about 26 different currencies worldwide. PayPal works in over thousands online store and has over 170 million active accounts. With PayPal, you can make online money transfer electronically to a single individual or business firm. Most users make use of PayPal when they want to make payment for online auctions on an online store like eBay. Because this is one of the fastest and most reliable payment system. Where by you don’t have to enter your card information after you have already link you card to your PayPal account.

How is Paypal helpful

If you are a user who constantly buy one or two product online. Or you simply make payment for online services using your credit card. You must have notices that you need to enter some necessary information as regards your credit card.

This is information we help the payment system process your payment. Information such as card number, name on the card, expiring date, 3 digit codes on the back of the card, billing address and lots more. A user has to enter this information whenever he want to pay for any product or services online.

Why You Need a PayPal Account

With paypal you don’t need to enter this information’s whenever you want to make payment for product or services. This is just like an electronic wallet used to save your card and all your bank details so that user doesn’t have to keep them in mind or remember them so he or she doesn’t have to enter them whenever he or she wants to shop online.

With this payment system you can shop at ease with the click of a button. With this system you can easily login to any website and search for any product you want. You can click on the paypal logo and you we be required to enter your email address and password.

Instead of card number, name on the card, expiring date, 3 digit codes on the back of the card, billing address and lots more. With paypal payment is done automatically by just entering your email address and password. This is the fastest way a user can pay for product and services online.

Paypal Account sign up

As a user one thing you should have in mind when it comes to secure platform like this is that you must have a user account. Signing up is easy and free you don’t need to pay a fee or charges in other to create an account.

This is a reliable and most effective payment system when it comes to online funds transfer. You can send and receive money at ease just sign up for an account it’s free. You can logon to and click on the sign up button. you can easily access this platform using a Mobile Device, Tablet or PC.

Paypal Login

If you are already an existing users you can login to your account you don’t need to sign up. Because signing up for an account is only done once for new users who don’t have an account. Why exiting users login to their exiting account on website.

Whenever you login to your account you gain full access to start sending and receiving payment. You can also see list of successful transitions that you have made under summary and activity. You can link more than one card to your wallet when you click on wallet.

Paypal login has also make it easy for user to click on shop to start shopping on online stores that make use of this payment system.

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