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Phlex adopts new name, Phlexdenary, speaks about new single, EP


Nigerian singer and songwriter, Phlex has adopted a new name known as Phlexdenary.

While some of his fans are raising questions about his decision to change his name, the hitmaker who is preparing to release a new song entitled “Flavor” said he remains committed to the music that endeared him to his fans from day one and he would not stop.

Phlexdenary who has been experimenting on his creative process lately hinted that he’s expanding his sonic palette with excitingly distinct sounds and adapting to the increased recording independence resulting from his acquired fresh tech skills.

One of his hit singles Bam Bam, it was learnt is nearing half a million on YouTube alone; the latter is the bedrock of his popularity in the “streets.” As he used to be a member of the group “El-Phlex” alongside his brother “Shawn.”

Speaking further about the solo journey he embarked upon since his split from his group, saying “Shaun is my brother. He knows all about my music even till this day,” he added.


“The solo career life of his is shaping up nicely – a reintroduction EP “Undaunted”, a well-accepted continental record and a range of other fairly successful records in his impressive portfolio. Now, an untitled and undated EP is set to follow. The forthcoming project is set to follow the release of Flavor and expected to mark new heights in my career.”

“There are different sides to the EP – different discussions, different moods”, he revealed.

The singer expands on the themes of the EP, revealing the prominence of love and life. He intends to use his acquired versatility to score wins in the form of an expanded fan base. “I hope the music (EP) finds new listeners and new listeners find my music.”

Phlexdenary’s growth runs deep, beyond the singing down to recording and production. The singer added competencies in these two aspects of the creative process and the impact on this on his final output has been nothing but amazing. “Just wait till you hear the EP”, he said out of excitement.

He said he hopes this leads him to the ears and playlists of music lovers in Nigeria, saying he remains sold out to his dream. He said, “music and I are inseparable.”

Source: Vanguard News

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