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Pinterest Business Account: How To Create Pinterest Business Account


How to create a business account on Pinterest: step-by-step instructions

Pinterest is a social photo hosting service, a visual tool for finding ideas and inspiration. For business, Pinterest is a free and very powerful promotion tool. As in many social networks, there is a business account with advanced features.

In this article, we will talk about these opportunities and give you step-by-step instructions on how to switch to a business account.

Why you need a business account on Pinterest

There are 2 reasons why you need to create a Pinterest business account:

You get access to detailed analytics – how many times your pins have been viewed or somehow interacted with (for example, saved to your board or followed links), which pins and boards are the most popular, demographic data of your audience.

You get the opportunity to advertise your Pins. To access the Pinterest advertising account, you must have an advertising account.

Important: at the end of October 2020, the advertising account on Pinterest is not available in all countries, but the developers promise to expand the geography. So far, Russia and other CIS countries are not on the list, but you can try to launch ads via VPN.

How to switch to a Pinterest business account: step-by-step guide

There are 2 ways to set up a business account on Pinterest:

Create and link to a personal account, whereby you will have 1 account in which you can switch between personal and business accounts.

Create a business account separately. It will not be associated with a personal profile, it will have a separate account.

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In other social networks, for example, Instagram and TikTok, in order to gain access to analytics and promotion tools, you need to transfer your personal profile to PRO or business status. In Pinterest, you can save your personal profile and simply link a business account to it. At the same time, it remains possible to freely switch between profiles within the same account – one account for leisure, the other for work. You can connect up to 4 business accounts to one personal profile.

Let’s consider both options.

Create Pinterest Business Account from personal

Step 1. If you have already registered a personal account, go to it. In the profile menu (a checkmark opposite the avatar in the upper right corner) we find the item “Add a free business account”.

Step 2. A confirmation window pops up, click “Start”.

Step 3. Fill in the profile data – how to contact you (company name or name / surname), site address (if any), country, language. We put the photo on the avatar. Click “Next”.

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Important: if you plan to use a business account to access the Pinterest advertising account, but you are not the owner of the company, but just an employee, register a business account at your work email and use your real name / surname instead of the company name so that you can different employees work.

Step 4. Choosing a field of activity. If yours is not in the list, you can specify “Other” and specify it manually.

Step 5. Next, you need to choose a description for the company (online retail store, service provider) or individual (blogger, opinion leader). This affects the recommendation settings in your account.

At this stage of registration, the following error may occur. The system automatically switches to the item “Publisher or media representative” (no matter what you choose). In this case, the Next and Previous buttons do not work. This can happen if the avatar is not installed. Install – it should work.

Step 6. Next, indicate whether you plan to place an advertisement.

Step 7. Choose what to do next – you can place your first pin, for example, a brand product with a description, create an advertisement or fill out an organization profile – add a photo, location, company information, contact information.

Create separately for Pinterest Business Account


Step 1. Go to the main page of Pinterest. You must not be logged in. Click on the registration button.

Step 2. Scroll down and click “Create Business Account”.

Step 3. Enter your email address, password and age. Click “Create Account”. Then we fill in everything in the same way as described in the previous paragraph (when registering a business account from a personal account).

Pinterest Business Account: How To Create Pinterest Business Account
Pinterest Business Account: How To Create Pinterest Business Account

Who can create a business account? In theory, any Pinterest user, not just a real business owner. Even if you are not registered as an entrepreneur, but are blogging, doing hand-made crafts or creating expert content, you can register a business account in order to have access to statistics. It is free and does not bind you to anything.

Business account overview

The most important thing in a business account is the analytics section. It has 3 subsections – overview, audience statistics and video.


The first thing we see:

  • number of pin views;
  • the number of users who viewed the pins;
  • number of engagement – any interactions with the pin (saving, zooming in, clicking on a link, viewing a pin carousel);
  • the number of users involved.

Opposite to each figure, the dynamics of changes in data for the selected period is indicated as a percentage. For example, if we are looking at the current month, and we have 15% of impressions and a green up arrow, then this month we received 15% more views than in the previous month. The period can be specified in filters (left column).

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We go down below and see a chart with efficiency by day for the selected period of time.

By default, filters are configured for impressions, but besides them, you can see a chart with the following data:

  • involvement;
  • approximation;
  • link clicks;
  • conservation;
  • engagement / approach / click-through / save rate;
  • general audience;
  • engaged audience;
  • total for the month;
  • involved in a month.

In the “Breakdown” tab, you can view all data or filter it by device from which the pins were viewed, format, source of views, verified accounts.

From your Pinterest Business Account dashboard you can see the total number of impressions for the selected period.

Also you can see popular boards with detailed information on each – how many impressions, engagement, approximations, saves and clicks on the link.

You also have access to the list of popular Pins (displayed in decreasing order of impressions, if configured for impressions). You can also sort by engagement, approach, save, link clicks.

What filters are available for displaying statistics:

  • period;
  • view – if you check the box, then the statistics will take into account only the pins you uploaded and will not show information on those saved from the site or other boards;
  • Verified account – if the pins are associated with a YouTube channel or website, you can view statistics for these pins;
  • device – from which devices you are most often viewed;
  • source – activity for created and saved pins;
  • format – standard (picture), product, video or pin-stories (carousel).

Tip: Most people look at Pinterest from their phone, so it’s best to download vertical images right away.

Audience statistics

By default, the filter is configured for the general audience, but you can select only the engaged audience. The pivot table will shows the audience period and size. You can immediately export the audience in CSV format or run an advertising campaign.

There is not much data in this section. You can see the gender and age of the audience:
Location (country and percentage of users):
The device this audience is using:


In this section, you can view statistics on video pins, if you use them. The data is displayed in the same way as in the “Overview” section.


If you decide to promote on Pinterest, be sure to create a business account. It is free and gives you the opportunity to view statistics and create advertisements on social networks (although advertising is not yet available in some region such as Russian Federation, etc, but, most likely, access will appear in the future).

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