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10 Best Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS


Pregnancy can overwhelming and extremely pulling. There’s plenty of squeezed in schedules with your doctor, and a log of other activities. Other times you’d have to worry if your child is growing properly in your womb. The right add of nutrition could be effing annoying trying to get it right in your head.

“Pregnancy is a time when your body is changing a lot,” says Christine Masterson, M.D., an ob-gyn with Summit Medical Group in New Jersey.

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“So an app can be a great way to prepare yourself for what to expect and know what’s normal or not,” agrees Masterson.

For this reason, we have listed apps that you can use on your android devices and iPhones to help you through the distasteful experience and rigours of being a preggo.

10 Best Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS
10 Best Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS

And the good thing is it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the first or five month or the eighth month, you can totally use any of them.

This popular pregnancy tracking keeps you daily informed about your baby’s development. You never miss personalised updates about your baby’s progress. And one of the perks of the app is getting expertly advice from a community of professionals. The app allows you to form a web of social interaction with other parents-to-be.

WebMD offers one of the best health advice on the Web, and the app is replete with all that. The app comes loaded with expertly written articles from over 800 doctors, including a colourful journal and photo album to help you get through stages of pregnancy.

Expectful is an iOS app that not only put your foggy mind at rest, it offers meditation techniques and provides recommended exercises that keeps you and your baby in shape. You totally enjoy fertility and motherhood guided meditations which helps you live through everyday until delivery.

Looking to connect with a social community of mums who have been in those slack shoes of yours? Totally Pregnancy Apps brings the experience to your smartphone. Pitch a question here and there, and you get thousands of replies from caring mothers. It is available for free on Android and iOS.

Pregnancy terms can sound like garbage to your ears when all you are concerned about is being told what’s happening to your baby in plain and simple language. With Hello Belly, all you get is plain-and-simple. The app is
available for free on android and iOS. It also comes with 3D visualisation of the womb.

6. The Bump Pregnancy App

Drop a mind boggling question on this app, and all you get is a real-time answer, which makes Bump Pregnancy App truly rewarding. And everyday you get to enjoy bucket-load of highly rated baby articles filled with symptoms and developments. It is available for download on both android and iOS.

7. Pregnancy+

Still struggling to keep track with your tightly packed doctor’s schedules? Pregnancy+ never let’s you miss any. With more than 20 million downloads it is not only ideal for expecting mothers but also for the entire family. It comes with a personal diary, daily pregnancy information, kick counter and so much more. Get it on both android and iOS now!

8. 50,000 Baby Names

Babies are cute. They are beautiful. It’s why carving a sweet name for them can be a hard task. But don’t worry, 50,000 Baby names has got you covered. This app will suggest plenty of wonderful baby names for you,
especially if it’s your first time.

9. Sprout Pregnancy

Sharing stories and journaling with a community of other expectant moms gives you a pillar of support, admits Masterson. And Sprout provides one of the best journaling options around. To sweeten up the pot, the app shows you movement and sounds that replicates your baby’s! Awesome right?! It’s available on android and iOS.

10. Mind the Bump

Pregnancy can sometimes overwhelm the mind. It can throw you into a rippling state of stress. This is totally unhealthy, as it affects your unborn child. Meditation in pregnancy is super cleansing and helpful says Masterson, and Mind the Bump helps your mind get started in the right direction. It helps prepare your brain and body for the big changes and challenges you are set to hit on your way to delivery.

Going into labour can be a traumatic experience. The shrieks. And the moans. Clenching stomach muscles etc. Still, the perks of being an expectant mom is what makes the strait road to delivery a sweet experience.

Did we miss your favourite pregnancy app? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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