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PUA Openers Tips From 15 Of The Smartest Romantic Comedy Movies Of The Past 25 Years


When it come to dating a PUA or pick-up artist have an advantage over regular guys because they have the best pick up lines or openers that successfully get girls to establish a good conversation with with them. Many of this dating artist learn their tricks by following others that have great PUA openers skills. There are many online and offline resources like websites, blogs, books, videos, etc., where you can get some good advice. But, not many people think of what for me was the perfect place to look for some grade A lessons, the movies.

How many times have you watch a romantic comedy movies with your girlfriend, female, friend, or wife and see her get exited, happy, and sad in different parts of the film but you never took the time to pay attention and even take some notes of those scenes. Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Before I put my little dating study in place I needed a list of what laddies consider the top funny romantic films of all times, after a little online research and some good reading I found the results of a survey made by Slate Magazine that was answer by over 13,800 women, and that exactly what I needed to start my case study, which lead me to figure out the great pick-up lines and openers lessons I share below.

First here is the result of the survey that asked, what movies in the past 25 years they think are the smartest romantic comedies they ever seen?

1. 1% voted for Baby Boom.

2. 1% voted for Next Stop Wonderland.

3. 2% voted for Jerry Maguire.

4. 3% voted for Broadcast News.

5. 3% voted for L.A. Story.

6. 4% voted for Secretary.

7. 4% voted for Clueless.

8. 5% voted for 10 Things I Hate About You.

9. 6% voted for Before Sunshine.

10. 7% voted for 500 Days Of Summer.

11. 10% voted for Say Anything.

12. 11% voted for Love Actually.

13. 15% voted for When Harry Met Sally.

14. 15% voted for High Fidelity.

15. 16% voted for Groundhog Day.


As you can see those are some very unusual films that most guys I know would it never guess, include me in that group.

After watching all the movies with my wife and sister I notice something very useful, that both of them had similar feelings about each emotional scene. Now, this doesn’t mean your PUA openers are going to work with every girl you meet, because another element I put close attention was the way the guys talk and the lines they used to get the girl on each of those films. Below I share my results, I hope you find it helpful.

Here are the tips and lessons I learned:

a. Make a list of open ended questions that women will love to answer.

b. Be sure that each question has more that one way to be answer.

c. Think of ways to add the funny element to your response.

d. Add social proof to your response by telling them you know someone close to you that had such experience.

e. Think of every single answer that might come to you, so you can be prepare.

f. And last make notes of each answer and write down a good response to each of them that use points ‘c’ and ‘d’, plus be sure that your responses encourage a dynamic conversation.

g. Always be confident about yourself.

I hope these PUA openers lessons will help you get the girls you like. Now put them into action.

Source by Luis Galarza

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