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Read Your Lips: The Best Lipstick For Video Calls


This year, our usual makeup has undergone a change and faded into the background, as teleworking from home has become the new norm. But research shows that we still want to be on top, and light makeup helps us do that.

The natural makeup trend is great for the world of remote work and virtual meetings. Why put on makeup if you only see people through a monitor screen? A little mascara, a light tone – and lipstick as the main accent of the image. That’s all you need!

Research shows that makeup not only boosts self-confidence and lifts your mood, but it also serves as a great tool for attracting attention. Using eye-tracking technology, The Relationship Tips has found that wearing a speaker’s makeup enhances audience attention, especially lipstick.

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So, if you want to make a stunning impression, grab your favorite lipstick and click Join Meeting now!

Best Lipstick For Video Calls

Giordani Gold Iconic Satin or Matte Metallic Lipstick

Nude shades are great if you’re new to makeup and want to start with something lighter and more natural. But how do you know which shade to choose?

The general rule is: if you have fair skin, choose a paler and cooler nude, and if your skin is warmer, choose a more intense natural tone.

Giordani Gold Iconic Matte Metallic Lipstick in Radiant Nude will give your lips a natural tone with a metallic matte finish. Infused with argan oil, it nourishes dry lips and replenishes moisture. And if you decide to go outside, SPF 12 will come in handy for extra lip protection throughout the day.


Looking for something more pigmented? Try Giordani Gold Iconic Satin Lipstick in Nude Pink. An exclusive blend of natural oils and extracts helps nourish, smoothen and soften lip skin, reducing fine lines and dryness, smoothing unevenness and improving contouring. Who doesn’t want this!

OnColour Matte Lipstick

If you are aiming for a natural yet brighter look, you need something rich in color and with good durability. The gorgeous plum nude shade of OnColor matte lipstick is perfect for warm skin tones. Its velvety matte finish with a smooth, creamy texture will help you look professional and effective.

Read Your Lips: The Best Lipstick For Video Calls
Read Your Lips: The Best Lipstick For Video Calls

The ONE Color Unlimited Lipstick

If you like the color red, then there is no better way to grab attention. The ONE Color Unlimited Long Lasting Super Matte Lipstick in Ruby Red is great to really stand out. Do you want to be the star of the online call? Then this is your option!

Glossy lipstick OnColour

On darker skin with warm or olive undertones, cool reds look better, closer to wine rather than orange. This range emphasizes the whiteness of the teeth: ideal if you are hosting a meeting. We love the OnColour Crimson Gloss Lipstick.

The ONE Lip Sensation Matte Liquid Lipstick

The sophisticated formula of The ONE Lip Sensation matte lipstick gives a light, silky matte finish and stays on without drying the lips. Upgrade to the velvety Cherry Chocolate Deluxe Suite.

The ONE Color Stylist Ultimate 5-in-1 Ultra Creamy Lipstick

Finally, you can’t go wrong with The ONE Color Stylist Ultimate 5-in-1 Ultra Creamy Lipstick with rich color palette, gorgeous texture and creamy finish. If you need confidence in your abilities all day long, try to spice up virtual meetings with additional colors, trying on the shade “Lingonberry Jam” – it’s a safe choice!


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