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Reasons To Reconcile A Marriage – 5 Reasons


After a long and hard argument with your spouse or ex-spouse, it can feel like all of the energy has been drained right out of you. When you know somebody as intimately as you do your husband or wife, you really know how to push each others’ buttons.

Of course, fighting just once in a while is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, arguing can actually be a healthy safety mechanism for a marriage, allowing the couple to blow off some steam and get their issues out in the open.

However, when the fights become too frequent and never seem to really be over, many couples decide one day that they have had enough. They may choose to get a divorce – or to at least to get separated. Or, maybe they just decide to “turn off” emotionally and become emotionally distant to each other.

Even during these tough times, however, one or both of the spouses may know in their hearts that they still love each other. At those times, they may wonder whether the marriage may indeed be worth fighting for. And, even if it is, how will they find the strength to find resolution to their ongoing problems?

If you are having marital problems or are separated or divorced, here are 5 reasons to reconcile a marriage:

1. Divorce is costly:

From a financial standpoint, divorce is financially costly. In many cases, it easily costs tens of thousands of dollars. And, if the battle turns ugly, one or both of you may lose valued possessions to the other person along the way.

2. Dating is a pain:


Even if you do get a divorce, at some point you will probably want to meet another person. Remember what dating is like? Sure, there are some fun moments, but to get to those requires a whole lot of work – and money.

3. The same types of problems you have now will likely resurface in new relationships:

Many people fantasize about getting away from their spouse because they believe that they can escape those personal issues that plague the marriage. This is almost never true, however. In fact, since most of us tend to create our own problems in our marriages, it is often the case that these same problems will surface with our next mate.

4. There was a good reason why you married this person:

Think back to when you fell in love with your spouse. There was a real, valid reason why the two of you fell in love. You saw something in each other that you do not find every day. There may be a way to get back to that special place again with him or her.

5. It can be a sad thing when you let love die if you could have given it another chance:

If you do go through with a divorce, there may come a day when you look back with sadness on what might have been, had both of you been willing to give things another try.

Consider these 5 reasons to reconcile your marriage.

Source by Everett Maclachlan

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