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Reasons Why You Are Still Single


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Your life is shaped by the choices you make. Some things happen that are totally out of your control, so sometimes your problem are always recurring, now it may be time to check yourself. In essence many people are single because they chose to be. Sometimes they are single due to circumstances they have faced, which could be an abusive relationship for example.

Despite what you think, your status is really in your control. Seriously, there is a whole lot you can do to dramatically help your status. Sometimes, we cause these problems for ourselves, either by our actions or our words. Anyway, we need know we are to make better life choices. This article isn’t going to get you a partner, NO!, but could set you on a part to figure out how to help yourself. Here are a few reasons why you may still be single.

Reasons Why You Are Still Single

1.  You don’t go out much or at all

A potential partner isn’t going to come waltzing into the comfort of your home and say ‘Hey, let’s hang out!’ No you need to go out and meet new people, engage in activities. In doing this, someone will take notice of you. This is really for introverts though.

2.  Fear of Intimacy

Most people feel like they do not want people liking them too much. They are really critical about how close people are to them. Listen, if you are really fearful, which is a good thing though, but if you are to have a potential partner, then you’ll need to let people in.

3.  Low self esteem

People want a happy relationship, full of laughter and have a bed of roses, but, they also feel that in doing this, there will be nobody who will be willing or able to do that. This lack of confidence in others could cause you fear in entering any relationship.

4.  Experiences

Experiences may be in two ways or maybe more. Number one, they may have a parent who may have faced difficulties or may have not lasted in any of their relationships. Number two, they may have been in an abusive relationship before and thus, they lack faith in other people that may come their way.

5. High self esteem

In this case you feel no one is good enough for you, you feel everyone has to get to a certain level to be able to be in a relationship with you. Everything you think about is you, you want everyone to measure up to your standards.

6.  You’re obsessive

You want to dive into things too fast. You are already picking baby names, talking about a family vacation and so on. These things take time because you’ll have to find out if you are compatible or not.

7. You’re too picky

You always see a reason to discredit a potential partner. You judge them for a little reason you say no either by the way the walk, their accent or whatever they love at all. We should know that no one is perfect, I’m not saying you shouldn’t select, I’m just saying you shouldn’t be nit picky.

These are some of the reasons why you may still be single. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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