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Rekindle your love for authentic Hyderabadi food with Anjum’s Kitchen


With new restaurants and cafes opening almost in every lane today, people are stepping out to experiment with their taste buds more than ever before. But, you cannot deny the fact that ‘Ghar Ka Khana is Ghar Ka Khana’. Nothing beats the warm allure of a home kitchen because you taste the personal touch in the ‘homey ingredients’ and ‘non-overreaching’ flavours. It is one of the things that people living far away from their homes miss the most.

And when it comes to Hyderabadi dishes, people’s expectation is naturally very high if the food is coming from a proper Hyderabadi family. And the food from Home Chef Anjum Pasha, from ‘Anjum’s Kitchen’ does complete justice to it. Scroll to read her story.

When and how did it start?

It was during pandemic lockdown in 2020, when we had almost nothing to do, Anjum Pasha, who happens to be an advocate and educationist from Hyderabad, reached out to her neighbours asking if they needed any help with cooking. “No cook was allowed during the lockdown into our building and there were so many elderly people residing in the community. I just randomly texted in the group asking if anyone needed help with the food. Then people asked me, ‘Can you cook Hyderabadi traditional food like Biryani for us?’. Then I was like okay…Tell me how many people want it.”

“The reply I received was crazy as nearly 24 families requested to cook Biryani for them.”

“Then the next day, many people started calling me saying , ‘Is this Anjum? Is this Anjum’s Kitchen?”

And that’s how ‘Anjum’s Kitchen’ came into being.

Speaking about it, she happily says, “Not me, but my clients named my home kitchen as Anjum’s Kitchen and that’s how it began.”

The main motto behind Anjum Kitchen is “Recreating and bringing back original taste of Hyderabadi food without commercialising it”

Has cooking always been your interest?

I have always cooked for my family and friends so I loved it somewhere. I love feeding people which is the main reason I love cooking.

What was her biggest challenge?

Cooking in such large quantities everyday was a big challenge for Anjum Pasha in the beginning as she was not really well equipped with the things required to start a home kitchen. However, everything fell in place slowly.


Why Hyderabadi cuisine?

Apart from Hyderabadi cuisine, there are many other cuisines which are appealing and have been gaining popularity in the market, but Anjum chose to pick this. When we asked why, she simply said, “I am very comfortable with Hyderabadi cuisine because I love and understand it. Having been born and brought up here, I enjoy the process of how the traditional Hyderabadi Khana is made.”

Are you planning to expand your kitchen?

To this, Anjum replied, “No, not really.” But, Anjum wants to bring slight changes in her kitchen by bringing back a few vintage foods that will allow you to experience a wealth of dishes that may not make it onto the more standardised menus of restaurants and other delivery kitchens.

“I want to bring back a few recipes Jo Hamare Bachpan mein hua karte the. Like, there was a dessert called ‘Badaam Ka Kund’ which is not very popular today. I want to revive such authentic Hyderabadi ghar ka khana,” says Anjum.

For how many people can you cater the food?

“I take orders from 2 to 40-50 people maximum as I am comfortable with that number only.”

Her Popular Dishes And Best Sellers

A few popular and top Hyderabadi authentic dishes that Anjum prepares almost everyday is Nalli Nihari, talawa gosht, shikampoor, Sufiyana biryani and Dum Ka Kheema, among others. Among these, Biryani and Talawa Gosht are the hottest selling items of her kitchen.

Speaking about desserts, Double Ka Meetha and Qubaani Ka Meetha are two best sellers.

Speaking about her journey, Anjum just concluded saying, ”It’s been absolutely wonderful so far. I am just loving my kitchen. I learned a lot from it.”

How to place your order?

So, are you craving for some piping hot, homemade authentic Hyderabadi food? Head on to Anjum’s Kitchen Instagram to place your order right away. Or just contact — 9000655828. Orders should be placed one day in advance. Check out her menu below.

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