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Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City Director Describes Games As “Guiding Star” Of Production


Along with our first look at the upcoming Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, we’ve learned new details about what to expect in the upcoming release. In an interview with IGN, director Johannes Roberts provides additional details for the survival horror adaptation and its relationship with Resident Evil 1 and 2.

Welcome To Raccoon City is both a reboot of the Resident Evil film franchise and an adaptation of its first two games. In official pictures revealed yesterday, fans got a first look at heroes Leon and Claire, as well as the monstrous Lisa Trevor. 

Roberts explains in the aforementioned interview that Screen Gems worked closely with Capcom to recreate characters, monsters, and settings. “Every character and creature is from the game,” he says, “and as such, I wanted to be as faithful as possible.”


But Roberts emphasizes that his films are not mere copies of the games. He continues: “I didn’t just want to put the game on screen – it had to be its own thing with living breathing characters and creatures (and of course zombies!) that felt true to the world.”

Creatures, like Lisa, were realized through a combination of practical effects, creature performers, and CGI. As is evident in the gallery above, Roberts’ successor to Paul W. S. Anderson’s six-part spectacle plays with the language of low-budget horror Roberts is known for and that resonates greatly with the series’ early games. Further, it will give his film a distinct look and feel compared with its more action-oriented predecessors.

Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City releases in theaters on November 24th.

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