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Review: ‘Battlefield 2042’



Full disclosure: We Got This Covered passed on the opportunity to participate in EA’s “review event” for Battlefield 2042, which consisted of three 3-hour windows, one for each of the game’s modes, opting instead to wait for the early launch window, when I could play the same game consumers would be. The first thing I was greeted with was a news window telling me that one of the Specialists’ signature abilities had been disabled due to a bug. Great. 

During the beta, I mentioned that Battlefield 2042 was coming in hot, to say the least. Optimization was poor, bugs were prominent, and core design principles left me scratching my head. I can say that the overall performance has improved somewhat (but it’s far from perfect), but bugs are still present. It’s hard to put my finger on, but the gameplay at large in the signature All-Out Warfare mode feels sloppy. From sluggish controls to persistent frame drops, it’s a far cry from the polished and free-to-play experience of the newly stealth-launched Halo Infinite multiplayer, which is what I would much rather have been playing.

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