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Review: ‘Capcom Fighting Collection’ is a treasure trove of obscure classics



Over the last few years, I’ve appreciated the fact that Capcom seems intent on bringing its classics to modern platforms. They’ve released several Mega Man bundles, the excellent Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, and the top-heavy, but still solid, Beat ‘Em Up Bundle. Most of the games included in these compilations have held up well, and deserved to be discovered by modern audiences. For their latest set, Capcom Fighting Collection, the publisher is really digging into their fighting game back catalog for a smattering of games that have been buried for too long.

If there’s a star to be named in the Capcom Fighting Collection, it’s obviously Darkstalkers. A fan-favorite fighter since its debut back in 1994, the series has remained locked away despite the pleas of its passionate fan base. While this isn’t the new iteration most wanted, the set does come with all five arcade releases for the series, including two which were previously exclusive to Japan. The other main attraction for the release would be Red Earth, which comes to home consoles for the first time with its inclusion here. Also, packed into this collection is Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness, Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, and Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. All in all, it’s a varied set of titles that cover Capcom’s wide slate of fighters.

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