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Review: ‘Neon White’ made me feel like a speedrun pro



Remember that trailer for an indie game you probably saw sometime last year, with the cool anime characters and the shooting and the nice bright environments and hardcore breaks soundtrack? Then you might’ve seen the playing cards on screen and glazed over like I did. Well that game has been out for a while now, it’s incredible, and it’s called Neon White.

Let me start by selling you on what kind of game Neon White actually is. You play as a Neon, a persecuted soul brought from Hell to compete in a house-cleaning contest for Heaven by slaying wayward demons. You rush through each bite-sized level to shoot for the fastest times, using cards representing guns that have unique fire patterns but, more importantly, have “discard” skills. Throwing away a card means losing all your ammo, but also grants a movement ability like a dash, double jump, or ground slam. Using cards wisely together with movement is essential to getting a good enough time on each level to rank up and move on to the next chapter.

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