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Ria Tracking: How to Track Your Transferred Money


What is Ria Tracking and what does it entail? You may be asking already. Keep reading on, and you sure would learn all you can about it.

Welcome to the 21st century, where technology has advanced, and so greatly so that almost everything can be done online from the comforts of your home, or wherever you so choose.

The aspect of making and/or transferring funds has not been left out.

Without having to be in a banking hall, you can make such transactions, and even track money transfer as well.

This is where Ria comes into the picture.


This platform has been in existence for over 30 years.

These 30 years have been years of experience, growth and expertise.

Ria also has the backing of the Euronet, you can therefore trust, that your money is in safe and secure hands. Ria opened as a little store back in 1987 in New York City.

The store had just one goal then- to assist and help people to send money to their family, and most likely friends too, who were in far away from them.

Over the years however, Ria expanded its influence to several other countries like Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and five other countries.

By 2007, it was acquired by a popular, as well as influential electronic financial transaction platform- Euronet.

Since then, Ria has continued to expand and be in partnership with other platforms just like it.

Their one goal may have been modified, but definitely not changed- serving customers and bringing you ease with financial transactions.

Ria is not in full actual partnership with Euronet, but is rather a subsidiary of it. Ria carries about its business by a system of networking with agents and also company-owned stores.

It has its headquarters in Buena Park, in California, United States of America.

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Ria is a platform which specializes in money transfer services.

It has competitive exchange rates, lower fees, and also fast transfer options.

With Ria, you can send money, not just interstate within a country, but to other countries as well.

Tracking funds via Ria is easy and almost totally stress-free. Ria has provided an efficient tracking system, which allows you to track and monitor the proceeds of every cent sent to you.

Even before you receive the money and thereby withdraw it, you can track it. Both the sender and receiver of the money have access to this tracking system.

This is by far one of the best features of using Ria money transfer. Besides it being easy and quick, it is also highly convenient.

Ria Tracking 2020

  • Visit
  • Simply enter into the search box your transfer number, which comprises of your order number, PIN or reference number.
  • Your transaction can then be viewed and monitored.
  • To ensure you always given update information about your transactions, Ria sends you frequent emails, every step of the way.

What Else Does it Has to Offer?

It is primarily a technology base platform.

That is, it has online features and services, as well as a mobile app.

With these, you can perform and carry out every activity without having to visit the office.

Also note that though our services online are fully efficient and operational, our customer service responses may not be as speedy.

With the app or on the official website, you can track your money, make transfers and many more.

Other services on the Ria money transfer and tracking includes payment of bills, mobile top-up or recharge, check cashing, prepaid debit cards and money orders.

This is all your banking and financial troubles solved at a go. You can also pay for your transfers with a credit card.

Although while using a debit card, you’d be charged higher, but you can get your money in as short as fifteen minutes.

You may also be able to cancel a transfer, but this is however, dependent on the circumstances surrounding.

Also, other activities you can do via Ria is reviewing your contract, retrieving your receipt, as well as contacting the company.

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To enjoy any of these services either via the website or the mobile app, you must be a registered customer with Ria.

If you have not been registered before, you would be required to “sign up”, using some of your stated details.


However, if you had earlier registered, the “log in” bar is what you would be required to click.
You will then have access to your registered customer dashboard or portal.

Another feature of Ria money transfer is the option of home delivery or cash pickup.

If this feature is available in your country, or around your location, it is faster and also more direct than payments through bank accounts.

Ria Tracking: How to Track Your Transferred Money
Ria Tracking: How to Track Your Transferred Money

You can thus receive your money that very day. With this feature, you get to both send or receive your money without moving a muscle.

Ria also comes with a bonus service a referral program. When you tell just one friend about Ria, you earn $20.

Imagine how much you can earn if you invite a thousand friends to join the Ria money transfer system.

This is only effective however, when you are able to convince them that with Ria, it is always a smart choice.

You will then receive your gift card within the week when your referral completes their first transfer. Amazing right!

Any Upsides? Let’s Explore

As with any business or activity that involves the safety of your finances, your guards are always high, and you may be a bit skeptical, right?

Well, great news! Ria ensures you a top-notch secure money transfer and transaction. You do not have to worry about any money laundering activity or loss. Ria is a safe and secure money transfer system.

Ria runs a tight security system to the extent that your transactions and transfers can be delayed if there are security issues or threats. If you can trust your local banks, then you can trust Ria.

You can also save a lot of time and energy while using Ria. You do not need to stress, as all your transactions are done quickly, in about fifteen minutes max.

You can then go back and focus your time and energy on other time and energy consuming activities.

No need adding financial transactions to the list of time consuming and energy burning tasks.

If, however, you are making the transaction from your bank account, it takes approximately four working days. Whichever way, Ria has got you covered.

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The fees and exchange rates while using Ria are relatively cheap.

Although Ria money transfer rate is dependent on how much money you are sending, the costs are affordable.

The more money you send, the more the cost. However, the more you send, the less the cost per unit.

Another difference in charges and rates are based on if you carry out an online transaction, or if you make use of the physical agent and location service feature.

As already established, with Ria you are ensured of a stress less transaction. You do not have to spend half of your day on a queue at the bank.

With Ria’s very amazing features, all of your transaction and transfers can be done in a matter of minutes.

From the comfort of wherever you are, you can just make use of your mobile phone or computer to carry out a transaction.

When you think of an easy, user friendly online transaction system, think of Ria.

Downsides? Still not a Problem

As with everything positive, there is always at least one downside to it.

What makes it worth a purchase or a try is if the cons outweighs the pros.

But that is not the case with tracking on ria.

The one major limitation of the Ria money transfer system is the limitation placed on how much money you can transfer per day, and on a larger scale, through the month.

You are allowed to transfer only a maximum of $2,999.99 per day, and $7,999 in a month.

This policy may not really be in your favor if you are seeking to transfer larger sums of money.

This is however, not a too difficult problem, as your money security, and ultimately your customer satisfaction is a top priority at Ria money transfer.

Another downside you may experience is the cancellation of money transfer. Although to cancel a transaction is possible, it is only possible if the recipient has not yet been paid or received the payment.

Contact Details

Ria has a number of ways in which you can contact or reach out to them. One of which is through their agents.

In about 145 countries, Ria had approximately 350,000 agents and locations. If there is a Ria agent location near you, you can visit them to assist anyway they can.

You can as well send a mail to: [email protected] or check the official website at

In the mean time, you can drop a comment if there is anything that is confusing you about tracking on Ria platform.


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