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School not about good grades



By Banjo Okikiola

Unarguably, education is a key factor in the development of  children. Most parents ensure their children get quality education. With the economy and the look of things in the country, it is advisable for every student to have an alternative plan because of the dearth of white collar jobs. We have seen cases where graduates who studied specific courses are not employed in their desired fields, thus, it is best to have an alternative plan while in school.

As a student, it is vital and advisable you get involved in other activities in your school because life is not all about good grades. It is important to make the most of your university years alongside learning, while  acquiring  other skills and getting involved in extra curricular activities.

It is essential to have effective communication skills to interact with others both verbally and non – verbally. Also, developing social skills helps in relating with people, working under pressure and advancing  career.

What you learn in school is different from what you meet in the actual world. The school is a world on its  own and the real world is the actual world where  graduates utilise all they learnt. Therefore,  at every given opportunity, volunteer to work as an intern in your field of study.

Know your passion as a student, there is no hard and fast rule to this one, no one is going to teach you  your passion.

As for why you should know what you are really passionate about, its because your life depends on it. Imagine that music is what you really love doing deep down but somehow you find yourself in Accounting, you will be an accountant for the rest of your life. Not looking good right? Passion really matters in choosing a career.

Learn vocational skills regardless of the course you are studying.As it stands, you may even end up not practising what you studied. Along with your studies, get your hands on something. Acquire skills and be industrious. There are many skills to acquire in fields such as Image and Video Editing, Blogging, Tailoring and Designing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Photography, among others.

Many students need money for upkeep. Whether their pocket money is  enough or not, every student needs basic money management skills to get them through schools. Money management skills also prepare you for life after school. These includes learning how to budget, learning the difference between your wants and needs.

Starting a business in school may sound odd, but it could be worthwhile. Try and come up with an idea of what to do while  in school, handle it solely to test your abilities ahead of the future. It is a good thing to experience entrepreneurship while in school.


Source: The Nation Online

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