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Sex and Marriage Relationships – 5 Signs That You Have Lost The Sizzle in Your Sex Life


Do you know how in a marriage relationship sex can become boring and routine? It is natural that sex changes over time. However, you can still have a fulfilling sex life even after years of marriage. Here are five signs that you have lost the sizzle in your sex life.

1. Sex has become just another chore to do

This can be especially true for women. With the hustle and bustle of jobs, kids, and household chores, it can be easy for sex to become just another chore to complete. Then sex has lost its sizzle.

2. You quit hugging and kissing outside of the bedroom

What happens outside the bedroom will affect what happens inside the bedroom. If you have quite touching outside of sex, then your relationship has probably lost some of its sizzle.

3. You do the same thing every time you have sex

After you have been married for a while, you know what “buttons” to push to get a response. It becomes easy to quit being creative with sex and just do the same thing over and over. If you do this, sex eventually loses some of its sizzle.


4. You have quit thinking about how to please each other

An important part of sex is pleasing our partner. When you quit thinking about ways to please your mate, sex has probably lost some of its sizzle.

5. You put off sex until late at night, and then you are too tired to even think about it.

Let’s face it, life gets busy. It is hard to get everything done in 24 hours. Most of the time, you probably wait until bedtime to have sex. By then, you may be too tired to even think about sex. This tends to be more true for women than for men. If you always wait until you are exhausted to have sex, then sex has lost some of its sizzle.

Getting your sizzle back

It takes work to keep the sizzle in sex. Remember that sex is just one part of a passionate marriage relationship. If the rest of your marriage is not passionate, then it will affect your sexual relationship.

Source by Laurel Barnet

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