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Sexless Marriage Solutions – What Are Your Options?


A sexless marriage is a tragedy for both partners, the one who wants sex and feels rejected and the one who has lost his or her interest in sex. Living in a sexless marriage is hard due to the constant sense of discomfort between the 2 partners. Although some sexless marriages go on for years, there is a heightened risk that the lack of sex will lead to separation or divorce.

If looking for a sexless marriage solution, what are your options? I’ve come up with 4 courses of action that you can take.

Sexless Marriage Solution Options

  1. Doing nothing – The reason why certain sexless marriages go on for years on years is that the couple does nothing to solve the problem. Now, counter to what intuition may say, the partner who still wants sex is the one who can and should do anything to reinvigorate his or her partner’s sexual interest. Doing nothing will probably result in nothing. Sexless marriages aren’t a phase a couple has to grow out of, it’s a hole a couple has to climb out of by their own initiative and efforts. Unless you’re content in your sexless marriage, the solution isn’t to do nothing but hope.
  2. Go to counseling – Couple’s therapy is indeed a viable solution to sexless marriages. If you find a good therapist this can be excellent. The only problem is that this can be a rather costly and long process, and also requires the active cooperation of your partner which may be difficult to get. You will also have to expose everything before this therapist in order to get the right sexless marriage advice.
  3. Get a sexless marriage help book – There are several books and e-books on the market about sexless marriages. Most of them are either too psychological or make the mistake of addressing both women and men, though each of these cases is totally different, and so become quite useless. A sexless marriage e-book I did find useful is Get Him In The Mood by Kate Dixon. This is a guide for women is sexless relationships and it really gets to the core of the problem of having your husband lose his interest in sex and how to fix it. The best thing is that you don’t need to elicit the involvement of your man to make this work. I know that Kate Dixon is also working on a similar book for men whose wives have lost their sexual interest, but so far, only Get Him In The Mood has been published.
  4. Separate – The most extreme sexless marriage solution is, of course, to get a divorce. Then you will no longer be in your sexless marriage. This is an option, but it’s a highly painful one. If you still love your partner, I suggest you strive to find a remedy for your sexless marriage before going to this extreme.

I hope you will find the perfect sexless marriage solution for you, and that you get the marriage that you desire and deserve.

Source by Lucy Doyle

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