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Singer Yungblnkz begins campaign to combat mental health issues


Rapper and songwriter, Abimbola Jeremiah Popoola popularly known as Yungblnkz has started an advocacy to curb the issue of mental health among Nigeria’s youths using his platforms as an influencer of young people to raise awareness of mental issues in the country.

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Realizing the negative consequences of poor mental health among Nigerian youths, Abimbola Jeremiah Popoola also known as Yungblnkz has started a campaign to raise awareness about the situation.

He told Showtime Bonus that he started the advocacy to make sufferers and society know about the situation in order to curb it. He said he is using his platforms as an influencer of young people to raise awareness about mental issues among young people in the country.


He has also created a mental health campaign, which he tagged “Fight It Movement” and has distributed over 10,000 “Fight it Movement” mental health materials and tool kits to create awareness about the mental health crisis in the country. The budding Aforbeat star is also encouraging other musicians to join the fight to combat mental health related issues in the community.

Yungblnkz, who is one of rising stars in Afrobeat genre, has dropped a smashing debut single “I’m Hot” that has been accepted by young music lovers because of its fast rap infused melodious rhythm. He is taking the music industry by storm with over half a million streams grossly on music platforms.

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His success has taken him across the globe, and he has performed in United Kingdom, Ireland, and Turkey and across Europe.

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