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‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ can be dangerous, fatal


New Delhi: The fall during the new ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’, which is going viral on various social media platforms, can cause serious injuries including multiple fractures and even death, doctors and health experts have warned.

They have asked the parents and teachers to make children alive to the risks of such antics.

The ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ requires three persons standing side by side with two of them knocking the person standing in the middle off balance while they jump together in the air. The aim is to make the middle person fall flat on their back.

Doctors say such a fall can cause serious injuries and the injured may even slip into coma or may even die.

Dr Arvind Mehra, head of orthopedics and trauma centre, Paras Hospital, Gurgaon said: “This new game has already gone viral in western countries, and has caused injuries to the players after they hit their head hard on the floor. This challenge can lead to a skull fracture that can be fatal, the person can also go into a coma and even cause death, depending on the severity of the fall.”


“If the participant falls there is a risk of fracture in the wrist when the person falls on the hands in an attempt to cushion and avoid hitting the floor. In addition, there may be spine fracture, lumbar bone fracture, hip fracture, spine fracture, even neck and brain injury,” Dr Mehra added.

Dr Gurdeep Singh, orthopedic surgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon said.”We strongly warn against this challenge and request parents and teachers to tell the potential risks of this to their children. Children must never attempt this challenge. We often see these kinds of challenges going viral once in a while on the internet which claim the lives of many.”

He said that the particpants in such challenges do not foresee the consequences. This challenge can break every joint of the body.

Dr Neeru Mehra, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Miracles Mediclinic & Apollo Cradle Hospital said:”Social media is infamous for such outrageous and dangerous stunts such as the Cinnamon Challenge, Blue Whale Challenge, Momo and the Kiki Challenge. The Tripling Jump Challenge or the Skull Breaker Challenge has already injured many in the US and Europe. Now it is also being followed in India.

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