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How To Make Slow Motion On TikTok


TikTok has gone from being a simple app to being a real global phenomenon. In fact, there are over 500 million monthly active users worldwide, and the number is constantly growing. If you are a music lover and at the same time cannot stay away from social media, I am sure this application caught your interest right away. Don’t you recognize this name? Probably because you were using a previous version of, which then changed its name to TikTok.

If you use this service on a daily basis, this is definitely another detail that you want to focus on. Have you noticed that more and more users are downloading movies in slow motion? Doing slow motion on TikTok is actually a fun action to engage other creators even more and guarantee a wow factor for your video. In this guide, I’ll show you how.

How to make slow motion on TikTok

Slowing down video to isolate a passage or create an effect is not a new technology in the world of technology. If you have a relatively recent smartphone in your pocket, in fact, there is almost certainly a slow motion option in the camera settings. Like other services of its kind, TikTok started riding the wave and introduced a slow motion feature.

This way, you can create even more engaging content and, as a result, it is easier to increase the engagement of your profile. And you should know that the chances of getting into the “For You” section of TikTok will be higher and higher. Now, however, let’s see how to apply the TikTok slow motor effect to movies.

What is slow motion on TikTok.

As we’ve seen several times for Instagram, knowing how to properly use the effects that the app provides has several positive aspects, among which I definitely want to highlight two: the first is fun . The ability to use new masks or new filters for your videos allows you to create new content, a real panacea for those who use social networks a lot and publish regularly; secondly, the new feature allows you to create posts or videos that can grab the attention of your followers .

Slow traffic on TikTok can help increase the popularity of your account. So, in fact, you can attract users who follow you and, why not, grab the attention of even new users who visit your profile for the first time. In addition, using slow motion on TikTok makes it possible to highlight sections of a video , thereby emphasizing a specific phrase or movement.

If you are not using slo mo videos yet, then maybe now is the time to start. Then let’s see how to proceed.

TikTok slow motion

Ever since the option was officially included in the app, doing slow motion with TikTok has truly become a piece of cake. Of course, compared to other programs that were born to work with video, you will have an easier set of settings, but this may be enough for basic use. However, in the second part of the article, I will also show you other solutions.

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The first thing to remember is that the steps I’m going to show you are identical on both Android and iOS. TikTok, in fact, unlike other services of this type, unified both the interface and the functions available to users.


First, launch the app on your smartphone or tablet. This brings you to the home screen, which summarizes your interests and suggests new videos. Here, click on the + symbol (located in the bottom bar) to open the video recording interface .

How To Make Slow Motion On TikTok

Once the camera appears, you can decide whether to record a slow motion video or shoot a regular video that you can slow down later. If you are planning to create a slow motion video on TikTok , click on the Speed option ( top right). Now you will need to choose one of the two options to the left of 1x , either 0.3x or 0.5x . This allows the movie to be rendered 1/3 or 1/2 times slower than the normal frame rate. Once you’ve selected the speed that’s best for you, press the red button that appears in the middle to start recording.

How To Make Slow Motion On TikTok

If you want to apply the slow motion effect later , just record your movie without applying one of the slower speeds. Then, once you’re done shooting, click on the red flag next to the record button. On the next screen, tap Effects and then Tempo . The Slow Motion option appears , highlighted in green.

How To Make Slow Motion On TikTok

To apply a slow motion effect to your TikTok video, simply move the green slider (which appears on the slider) to the location you prefer and check the preview.

Have you achieved the desired effect? Ok, now click on “Save” , click “Next” and enter a description for your video. Once you’re done, simply click the Publish button to share your TikTok video in slow motion on your social network. If you want to download the data later , click the Drafts button .


Optionally, you can also apply the TikTok slow motor effect to the video you have in your gallery. To do this, on the main recording screen, click on the square called Download (which appears in the lower right corner).

This way, you can access all the footage stored on your smartphone. Choose the one you want to slow down. Then select it by tapping to play it in TikTok’s multimedia editor.

At this point, you will be allowed to cut the video or rotate it, and speed up or slow it down. To do the last operation, tap the odometer icon labeled Off. You will see it change to On and at the same time the speed options will appear . Then select the 0.5x option to apply the slowdown effect.

After that, to share the video, click the Next button and continue as I indicated above.


If you want to slow down TikTok videos posted by other users , there are two things you can do:

  • Save video
  • Make a duet

To save a video to TikTok , as I told you before, you must first consider the fact that the movie is copyrighted as well as the background song. It is also good practice to note that while the video may be shared again, it is always best to ask permission from the video creator. Or, in any case, it is better to share it on a social network other than TikTok such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

To do this, press the Share button and select Save Video . After that press the + button as if you want to make a new registration, select the “Upload” option and upload the movie to TikTok. So go ahead as I told you a few paragraphs about this.

If you want to slow down the TikTok duo go to the video posted by the account you want to join the duo with. Then select the Share option and after Duet Once this is done, you will be taken halfway to the recording screen . Then press the Speed button and set the option to 0.3x or 0.5x Then record your response video .

After that, while watching the preview of the duo, you will notice that both videos have been slowed down Then simply press the red checkmark to publish a duet on TikTok.

TikTok slow motion app

As I said earlier, the TikTok app allows you to add a slow motion video effect in a very simple and intuitive way. This, however, prevents you from using more complex effects that can further enhance your content.

In this case, you can still use other apps to make slow motion on TikTok. So let’s see what they are and how they work.



InShot is a truly versatile photo and video editor that lets you add many different effects to your content. One of the features offered by InShot is the ability to slow down your video, exactly what you were looking for. Be careful, because InShot does not record video, it only processes it . Then, first you will need to record your movie using the Camera app on your smartphone.

After installing InShot , which can be downloaded for Android, as well as for iOS , run it by clicking on the appropriate icon. From the home screen, tap Videos and select the movie you want to import.

Now, to use the slow motion effect , click on video timeframe and click Speed . Here, by moving the slider, you can slow down the movie as desired. Once you’re done, knock on Salve . Finally, upload the slow motion video to TikTok as I showed you earlier.



YouCut is also another great app, among other things free, to make slow motion videos for TikTok. Thanks to its simple but very well thought-out interface, you can apply many other effects as well.

First download YouCut for All Android . No, unfortunately this app is not available in the iOS version. But don’t worry, because in the next paragraphs I will suggest other tools of this kind.

However, once you’re done downloading and installing, launch YouCut and select the video you want to edit from your smartphone’s memory. On the next screen, to slow down the video, select the Speed icon and apply the one you prefer via the selection bar. When finished, press the button. Save and upload your video to TikTok.



Do you know Quick ? This is a video editor made by GoPro that makes it easy but effective to put your hand on your smartphone videos. There are really many options that this application gives, but for the moment, we will only focus on slow-motion video. First of all, download Quick to your smartphone. You can get it for Android or even iOS .

After launching the app for the first time, click the blue Create New Video button . You can select both photos and videos from your gallery. However, to slow down the video after loading, tap on the preview screen and then tap on the Speed icon in the middle of the screen. Depending on how many arrows you see, your video will be more or less fast.

After you’ve finished editing your movie, click on the blue download icon to save the video to your gallery.



The last alternative that I want to offer you to download slow motion video on TikTok is called VideoShow . Again, this is a well-designed and free application, available for Android, and for iOS .

After launching the application, click the Edit video button and select a movie from the device memory. A preview appears on the display , click the Edit Clip button (bottom), and then select the Speed icon on the scroll bar. The settings that will appear on the screen of your smartphone will give you the ability to slow down (right) and speed up (left) watching the movie.

Once you’ve found the perfect compromise, click on the checkbox (above) and click Export to save the video. Then keep sharing this on TikTok.

TikTok slow-motion programs

Do you want to achieve a more professional result? Then you will need to use a Windows or macOS computer to handle the video in the best possible way.

Luckily for you, there are now several apps that let you slow down your movie for free and without having to read the instruction manual. Let’s see an example.


In this case, I have chosen Avidemux for you , one of the most complete applications available on the web and compatible with the most used operating systems. First go to the Avidemux website and download the slow motion software on TikTok.

Once the installation is complete, open Avidemux and import the movie you recorded . Here, using the left pane, click the Customize item that appears in the Video Output section . Then you need to sequentially click on the options ” Transform” and ” Change FPS” . Finally, you should choose a frame rate based on how much you want to slow down the movie. When finished, click File and then Save to export the slow motion video.

As I said, Avidemux is just one of the solutions that you can use for your own purposes. If you want to know more, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to edit video, I assure you that you will not regret it.

Sharing slow motion videos on TikTok

Once you’ve posted your slow-motion video on TikTok (following the instructions above), it might be fun to share it on other social media or with other users so you can reach an even wider audience. To do this, open your video directly from the “Me” section in the lower right corner. Here, tap the downloaded video and then tap the three dots that appear during playback.

In the menu that opens, you will have the option to share the slow motion video with your TikTok friends and, why not, even those you don’t know. The first icon, the one with the inscription Message , will allow you to send the movie directly to other users of the application. Remember that in this case it would be a good idea to add a personal message to the video.

Alternatively, you can share the slow motion TikTok video on other social networks like Instagram and Facebook, or even messaging apps. like WhatsApp. I suggest you do this if you want to become famous on TikTok. This way, in fact, you can maximize your profile’s engagement.

In any case, whichever medium you choose, try to share your content with the utmost care.


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