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Best 5 Smartphone Video Editing Apps


Viewing and working with video on mobile phones is becoming more and more common. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use your smartphone to shoot and edit videos, here are five video apps for your mobile device.

Best 5 Smartphone Video Editing Apps

FiLMiC Pro

For best results when shooting video with your smartphone camera, it is recommended to use a dedicated application such as FiLMiC Pro. It’s a paid service, but its features justify the cost. For example, the app lets you shoot video by adjusting parameters such as white balance, focus, image stabilization, or exposure . FiLMiC Pro also includes a sound management tool that is not available in standard video capture apps. The application allows you to save the settings you have set. FiLMiC Pro is available for iOS and Android. For more details, go to the app website.

Best Smartphone video editing apps
Best Smartphone video editing apps

Kine master

Kine Master adapts very well to touch screens, even the smallest ones. This allows you to import captured videos and arrange them in the desired order, edit movies from them, add transitions and overlay multiple layers, including audio tracks. The app also offers an extensive library of effects, characters and free music , as well as voice recording functions. An intuitive and easy-to-use solution for hobbyists and professionals. Download Kine Master is free, but for video export without watermark is required to purchase a license.


Best Smartphone video editing apps

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is the mobile version of Adobe Premiere Pro . The application has a lot of functions and tools, but some are available only for users who purchase the paid version. You can edit videos and photos by simply dragging and dropping files , and you can also add audio tracks that automatically sync with your images. One of the benefits of the program is its compatibility with other Adobe tools such as Lightroom and Capture CC.

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Quik is an app created by GoPro for editing videos captured by these cameras. Ideal for making travel videos. The app is available for both Android and iOS. With Quik, you can import any type of content from the gallery (photos or videos, even if they weren’t taken with a GoPro camera), insert text, add audio tracks in various formats, choose themes, cut out clips, sync footage with music, and much more. The functionality of the service is simpler than that of Kine Master, but the application also allows you to get high-quality results. Videos made with the app can be shared to Facebook and Instagram.

Best Smartphone video editing apps

Lapse it

Lapse It is a tool that allows you to get an accelerated video . Appendix Lapse It is available on iOS and Android. In addition to capturing images, it offers many functions: adding audio tracks, adjusting the image frequency, filters, exporting videos to MP4 and MOV formats, and a function designed to share videos on social networks. Even in the free version, the application has no restrictions on the number of captured images, but you should pay attention to the amount of memory available on your phone.


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