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Smile debuts unlimited plan with Unlimited Platinum


As the intensity of the competition in the Nigerian data market surges, 4G LTE Broadband services, Smile Nigeria said it will continue to set the pace with innovative products with its UnlimitedPlatinum.

According to Smile, the UnlimitedPlatinum ensures that customers enjoy SuperFast, SuperReliable internet for as long as they want. True to its name, customers who subscribe toSmile UnlimitedPlatinum, will for a period of one month have the luxury of unlimited internet of everything desirable; as far as their imagination can take them.

It offers data speed of up to 6Mbps, with NO data cap and NO FUP and with no throttling of data speed, and a validity period of 30 days.


Chief Marketing Officer of the company, Abdul Hafeez, said: “Underscoring the appropriateness of UnlimitedPlatinum for all internet consumers especially heavy data users, Chief Marketing Officer, Smile Nigeria, gushed that “this is the mother of all unlimited plans because customers, especially heavy data users, will now enjoy SuperFast, SuperReliable unlimited internet for 30 days”.

Hafeez reaffirmed that Smile UnlimitedPlatinum “is truly unlimited internet and can go as far as your imagination can take you”.

He also said Smile is renowned for its pacesetting streak since it launched services in West Africa

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