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Smile Nigeria Registration, 4G Data Plans, and Subscription Prices



Do you want to know more about Smile Nigeria Registration and subscription 4G Data plans? In this article, we will share all the lovely details.

Smile is one of the biggest 4G broadband internet service providers in Nigeria. They also have the fastest, which is the one thing heavy data users would never compromise at all. So, if you are a heavy data user like me, with an avid love for movies and books, this article contains the full details of your Smile 4G data plans.

Everything you need to know about Smile Nigeria Registration

One thing you must know is that Smile Nigeria isn’t only located in this part of the African Nation. They are also situated across West Africa, especially across Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Nigeria. They were also the first operators of LTE services in the region. Smile’s current CEO is Irene Charnley, a renowned telecoms visionary and entrepreneur.

Smile actually began it’s LTE services in 2013 in Tanzania before coming to Nigeria in 2014. Currently, Smile Nigeria is available in all Nigerian major cities and environs such as Onitsha, Asaba, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Lagos, Benin City, Abuja, and Kaduna.


If you haven’t heard about the SmileVoice app, then here’s what you should know. Smile Voice or eSim allows you to make astonishingly low-priced voice calls, video calls, and SMS on your smartphone to all customers. Unlike regular calls, your voice, video, and SMS will be charged in data. It works in the same way as WhatsApp, because you will get the Free Smile Voice app once you register. But the difference is that you can make calls the standard way and across the internet.

Smile Internet Devices (Starter Packages)

Because all needs are different, Smile gives you a fantastic range of modems to choose from for your 4G internet connection. They include:

1.   Smile Wireless (Wifi) Router – N35,630

In this pack, you will receive one WI-Fi router, One SIM, and an Unlimited Premium data pack plus 100% Bonus, which is valid for about 90 days. You can connect up to 32 users, and it comes with a LAN cable.

So, you will get:

  • 100% bonus for 50%-day time and 50% night time and valid for 7 days on every 5G for 90days
  • Unlimited free on-net calls and about 10 minutes free off-net calls.
  • comes with 4 LAN ports

2.   Smile Mi-Fi Router – N14,500

Smile Nigeria Registration

The normal Smile Mi-fi, which is one of their most popular devices, has been upgraded. Now you can get a whopping 70GB for your necessary purchase of N14,500. Even more, the New SmiFi device can connect up to 10 users at a time at over 10 meters radius. In this pack, you will get one SIM, One 4G LTE Mifi router and the following:

  • 40GB data to be used anytime and valid for 30 days
  • 30GB Bonus when you recharge up to N3,000 which gives you 5G monthly for 6 months (i.e., every 5G expires after 30 days)
  • 10 minutes local calls and unlimited on-net calls + SMS

3.   VOLTE + DATA + Voice + SMS – N15, 350

This is the new Smile VOLTE device. It is a small phone that lets you make calls, connect to the internet, and lots more. It works like a mini Android phone with 4G connectivity. When you purchase, you will receive:

  • 6GB Anytime data subscription which can be used only at 2GB per month for three months.
  • 100% Bonus for three months on any recharge with SmileLite 30-day plans
  • Bonus data is valid for 7 days and consists of 50% Day time and 50% night time use.
  • 100 minutes + 50 SMSs for 30 days

4.   Smile SIM Only

If you already have a universal WI-Fi or Mi-FI, you can by the Smile sim alone. This goes for N2,300 and comes with a corresponding 2GB starter data. Subsequently, you will select the Smile subscription package you want.

5.   SmileVoice

This is Simile’s voice package for making voice calls, video calls, and SMS to local and international numbers. Your eSim starter package begins from N100, which lets you have over 10 minutes FREE local calls + unlimited on-net calls and SMSs with Smile eSIM. Go to any Smile customer service shops, you get your own Smile 0702Smile number.

Now we know about everything we can get with the Smile Nigeria registration, let us look at Smile Nigeria subscription packages.   

Smile Voice subscription plans

  • N510 for 65 local call minutes at 13k/sec to all networks and unlimited on-net calls
  • N1,020 for 135 local call minutes at 12k/sec to all networks and unlimited on-net calls
  • N3,070 for 430 local call minutes at 11k/sec to all networks and unlimited on-net calls

Smile 4G Data Plans for Anytime use

4G plans Validity Bundle Price
Unlimited Platinum plan 30 days N24,000
Unlimited Lite plan 30 days N10, 230
30GB Bumpa Value 60 days N15,350
60GB Bumpa value plan 90 days N30, 700
80GB Bumpa value plan 120 days N40, 950

Smile 4G Data Plans for 50% day and 50% night time use

4G plans Validity Bundle Price
Unlimited Essential plan 30 days N15,350
Unlimited Premium plan 30 days N20,270
31 GB Value plus plan 30 days N11,260
11GB Value plus plan 30 days N5,110
21GB Value plus plan 30 days N8, 190
15GB Value plus plan 30 days N6, 140
7GB Value plus plan 30 days N4,090
5GB Value plus plan 30 days N3,070
1.5 GB Value plus plan 30 days N1,020

Smile Nigeria Daily 4G Plans

Plan Validity Price
Smile 1GB plan 24 hours N350
2GB plan 7 days N1,020
3GB midnight plan 7 days N1,530
3GB weekend plan (9pm Fri to Sun midnight) 1 weekend N1,530

 Smile Nigeria 12 months plans

Plan validity How Price
10 GB 12 months Anytime N8,190
20GB 12 months Anytime N16, 380
50GB 12 months Anytime N36, 850
100GB 12 months Anytime N71, 650
200GB 12 months Anytime N138, 200

Now you know about the Smile Nigeria registration and data plans. Don’t forget that these figures are entirely different from what Smile Nigeria offered in the past.

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