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Stormi Webster releasing first Kylie Cosmetics collection at two years old


Kylie Jenner revealed that her daughter, who turns two years old on February 1, is helping to create a new Valentine’s Day collection for Kylie Cosmetics.

The self-made billionaire posted an Instagram snap of the tiny star hard at work on her Stormi collection, revealing some pretty pink packaging covered with butterflies as well as an eyeshadow palette consisting of red, gold and orange tones and several blue, green and purple color swatches.

Though she has yet to turn two, this will technically mark Stormi’s second Kylie Cosmetics palette; just after she was born, Jenner released an “Eye of the Storm” weather-themed collection.

The butterfly motif has long been associated with little Stormi; dad Travis Scott’s song “Butterfly Effect” is said to be part of the inspiration for her name, the former couple have matching tiny butterfly tattoos, and Stormi and Kylie both dressed up as the insect for Halloween in 2018.


Jenner routinely covers herself in butterfly prints, even incorporating them into her manicures. Scott also gifted Jenner a $60,000 diamond butterfly necklace for her 20th birthday, and both Stormi’s nursery and Jenner’s home are covered in butterfly-related décor.

Webster has seemingly been practicing for her own makeup line for months; Jenner said she “begs” to wear lipstick and has posted many cute videos of her daughter playing with her products.

Seems the star has found the ideal heir for her Kylie Cosmetics empire.

Source: PageSix


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