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Taking Advantage of High Labour Force


Never in the whole world has there been enough workforce or is there any time all the people on earth will be employed to their taste. This spreads across all age brackets. Many that are employed are not contented with their take home and they are ready to switch positions. The population of job seekers is higher in number with lesser number of job givers.

As many people are ready to work, it takes a leader to organize them, give them targets and supervise the work done. This is exactly what entrepreneurs’ do all over the world. Job creation is synonymous with entrepreneurship. For every job advertised, there are thousands of job seekers applying for it. Thus job creators are captains of industries and controllers of economies. As an entrepreneur, who ever you employ earns his wages and adds value to your business.

Today, technology has made it possible for so many things to be sorted out easily. Even when the business owner knows little about the business he promotes, all he need is to create a conducive working environment and supervise actions taking place. Those employed uses the available equipments to get the job done. As unemployment and the population grows at the same rate, job givers are at advantage over job seekers.


These job seekers have their daily bills increasing consistently while technology is reducing the workforce drastically. Thus employees are ready to do more and take less home. All is at the advantage of the entrepreneur who keeps cutting cost while maximizing profits. Thinking they say is the hardest job to do. Many cannot think for themselves thereby being perpetually attached to others.

Entrepreneurs who thinks better and faster creates the environment that these people feed from on his own stipulations. As much as the employees complain and still hang on to the job, the world he has created is well taken care of.

Source by Kingsley Chinaemerem Igwenazor

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