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Telegram Earnings: Where And How You Can Make Money With Telegram


Your Telegram channel, as a source of income, is not inferior to other platforms (YouTube, Instagram, VKontakte), and in some ways it surpasses them – for example, conversion. In Telegram, all messages reach subscribers, the disclosure rate is more than 50%. This is a huge potential for earning money.

In this article, we will guide you how and what you can earn in Telegram.

How much can you earn on a Telegram channel

It all depends on the way of making money and the topic of the channel. The difficulty is that there is no official monetization in Telegram, and mainly channel owners make money from advertising. The price of placement on a channel with 5,000 subscribers will cost 15 – 30 Dollar. Such a high cost (much higher than in the same WhatsApp, VKontakte) is due to the fact that Telegram has a more lively and involved audience.

If we take earnings from advertising, entertainment channels have the lowest incomes (although there are exceptions, but these are those who made it to the TOP on time, for example, Dvach and MDK), copyright and narrowly focused thematic channels earn more.

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To earn money on advertising, a channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers, but we advise you to reach at least 5,000. You can accept orders directly (you need to leave your contacts in the channel description) or register on exchanges like AdGram, Tgstat, Telega. True, the exchanges have one significant drawback – advertisers have little trust in them, since there are many groups with bots there.

P.S. In addition to advertising posts, you can sell advertising sets – a list of several channels (up to 5). For advertisers, costs will be lower and your income will be higher. The average price of a compilation on a channel with 1,000 – 5,000 subscribers = 5 – 30 Dollar.

How and where you can make money on Telegram

What other ways are there to make money in this messenger, besides advertising.

Partnership programs

We have already written about what affiliate programs are and how to make money on them. In short – you bring companies of clients and get a percentage of sales. Accordingly, instead of placing someone else’s advertising, you can post your affiliate links and promotional codes (or combine both types of earnings).

Basically, on this topic, Telegram channels are crammed with goods from Aliexpress.

Special Telegram bots for making money

These are bots that help you earn money (albeit small) on tasks – watching commercials, generating cryptocurrencies, subscribing to a channel, viewing posts.

List of bots for earning (the most popular):

@BitCoinFreeBot – cryptocurrency generator;
@PayViewBot – a bot that pays for post views;
@brobotmebot – pays for channel subscription;
@vlike_bot – pays for a subscription;
@Foxzbot – pays for a subscription;
@ReallyCashbot – Pays for subscriptions and views.

P.S. Bots for earning often stop functioning – either the developers themselves abandon them, or they ban Telegram. And some bots are a common scam, that is, they do not pay. It is very difficult to find working bots, but new ones constantly appear to replace the old ones.

Creating Telegram bots for monetization

The idea is to create a useful Telegram bot and then monetize it.

The difficulty of this way of making money is that you need:

  • an original idea that will be useful to users;
  • knowledge of programming or money to hire a programmer, and then pay him technical support for the bot;
  • understanding where and how to find an audience for a bot – they are mainly promoted through the purchase of advertising in channels and on thematic sites;
  • bot promotion budget;
  • if the bot is connected to an external service, then regular updates to maintain its performance. Due to the fact that indie developers neglect this, some of the bots after a while cease to perform their functions.

Such bots are monetized mainly through a paid subscription with advanced functions, you can still accept donations.

Example: @IGSpyBot – Telegram bot for anonymous viewing of Instagram stories and statistics of competitors’ posts. Some of the functions are free, for extended functionality you need to pay for Premium access.

Creation of Telegram bots to order

You can create bots according to the customer’s specifications. For complex unique bots, you need programming knowledge, for simpler ones (for example, a chat bot for an online store), you can use special services to create bots – Bottap, Botmaker, Puzzlebot.

Bot development costs from 200 to a couple of hundred thousand Dollars, depending on the complexity. Having created a bot once, you can charge a monthly subscription fee for its technical support.

Closed channel

Channel maintenance with exclusive content and paid access. There may be several strategies for making money on closed channels.

Method 1: You create an information channel with free content, but offer exclusive information for a fee – for this you can create a separate closed group or register an account on Patreon. The source of subscribers in this case is a free group.

Example: the channel “Secrets of Tik-Tok” with free information, for a fee you can join the closed club of TikTokers.

How You Can Make Money With Telegram
How You Can Make Money With Telegram

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Method 2: You initially create a private group with paid access. The source of subscribers can be a website, YouTube channel, groups in other social networks.

For example, you run a YouTube traffic arbitrage channel and offer to join a private arbitrage club on Telegram, where you post exclusive content. Many online coaches use closed Telegram groups to train their students.

Sales of goods on Telegram

Creation of an information channel for the sale of goods. What can be sold:

Own goods and services – handmade, digital goods (courses, online books, master classes).

  • Affiliate products.
  • Dropshipping products.
  • Earnings on subscriptions

This is not a job, but rather a part-time job – an option for schoolchildren: completing assignments through websites for points, which can then be converted into real money. The tasks are simple – subscribe to the channel, write a comment, vote in a poll, share a post.

Websites for making money:

  • UNU;
  • Forumok;
  • ProfitTask.


An author channel with unique content is created, where you promote yourself as an expert. On such a channel, you can sell your courses, books, conference tickets, access to paid webinars, individual coaching, audits, consultations.

Example: Psychologist’s Telegram channel “Go to be treated”. On it, the author tells interesting information on the topic of psychology, while reposting a video from his YouTube channel. The purpose of all this is to promote a personal website and paid online trainings.

Other methods

Earn money from video views – you need to register on video seeding sites, for example, Viboom, connect to advertising campaigns and post videos in your Telegram channel. For each viewing of videos by subscribers, you will be credited with money.

Earnings on push notifications – you direct traffic from the channel to the landing pages of push networks and receive money from each subscriber who subscribes to notifications.

Earnings on donations – suitable for copyright channels, where there is little or no advertising. Use third-party services to receive donations.

Earning money on stickers – if you are good at drawing and know how to work in Photoshop and Illustrator, you can offer the service of drawing thematic stickers. Channel owners and brands use stickers as a promotion tool and are willing to pay for them. The minimum price is $6 for 5 stickers, but you can ask for more (depending on your abilities).

Writing posts or administering other people’s channels – you can write posts to order or completely administer the channel: create a content plan, write posts (or collaborate with copywriters), communicate with advertisers and subscribers, search for advertising sites (or promotion in general). The price depends on the customer, on average – from $5 per month, so it is more profitable to run several channels at once. Some customers offer% of advertising orders to their salary.

Creating a turnkey channel – you create a channel according to the customer’s specifications: come up with a concept, name, promotion strategy, content plan for the first time, set up bots. Then you can earn money by administering the created channel.

Selling channels – the way to make money is similar to the previous one, but here you no longer depend on customers, but create a channel at your own pace, promote it a little and sell it on the channel exchange (or to a direct customer).

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Promotion of other people’s channels – strategy development, advertising campaigns.

Promotion of your projects – for example, reposting articles from your personal blog to the Telegram channel in order to redirect traffic to the site. The resulting traffic is then monetized directly on the blog.

Creation and promotion of a personal brand – with the aim of further monetization.

Earnings on consultations – you can study all the subtleties of the messenger and earn on paid consultations on audit and channel development.

Earnings on cheats – it is worth honestly admitting that there are cheats in Telegram, which means that there are those who make money on them. There are 3 ways to make money using this scheme:

  • Programs that automatically subscribe bots (specially created accounts) to channels.
  • Services in which real people subscribe to channels for money.
  • Resale of subscribers – when people buy subscribers, for example, for $0.05, and sell for 3.

Examples of earnings in Telegram

How much do large channels earn from advertising?

@ marvel4 (Marvel / DC) – from $80 for an advertising post;
@Lepragram (Lepra) – from $100 per post;
@Cbpub (KB) – from $120 per post;
@dvachannel (2ch / Dvach) – from $80 rubles per post;
@lentachold (Lentach) – from $120 rubles per post;
@breakingmash (Mash) – from $500 per post;
Some channels ask for thousands of Dollars per post, so the potential for earning is great.


What kind of earnings to go to on Telegram? It all depends on your desires and abilities. If you have time and budget for promotion, you can create your own channel, promote it and then monetize it by selling ads, affiliate products, paid access to exclusive content.

Another way is to deal with other people’s channels: fill, promote, consult admins. You can sell channels, create bots, perform simple tasks for money – as you can see, this messenger has many options for generating income.


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