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Telegram Secret Chat – How To Create, Who Needs It And Why


Pavel Durov has always positioned his messenger as very reliable. All data is encrypted, it is difficult to crack it, and even Roskomnadzor itself could not block the TG.

One of the tricks of Telegram is the ability to create secret chats. That is, you can make communication in the messenger even more confidential.

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In this article, we will tell you what is the difference between secret chats and ordinary Telegram correspondence. Who needs secret chats, what is their secrecy and how to create such a chat.

What is Telegram secret chat

A secret chat is created between two devices – yours and your interlocutor. Such correspondence cannot be intercepted and decrypted.

To make it clearer what we are talking about, we will list the features of such chats.

What are the features of the secret chat in Telegram

That is, why such a chat is safer than a regular one:

  • traffic is encrypted between two devices – correspondence is not stored on Telegram servers and is not available even to its employees;
  • data is transferred from device to device using a reliable encryption protocol – MTProto. It is considered to be more reliable than encryption on WhatsApp and Viber;
  • the chat is tied to the device – so if you created a chat on your phone, it will not be available on your tablet or your other phone;
  • if you leave your Telegram account, the chat will disappear;
  • correspondence and files from a private chat cannot be sent to other chats;
  • if the interlocutor tries to take a screenshot of the correspondence, a notification will appear in the dialogue window;
  • deleted dialogs disappear forever, leaving no traces on servers – it is impossible to restore them after deletion;
  • you can set the timer to automatically destroy the correspondence – it works after a set time after the interlocutor has read the message;

Important about the timer: the timer works with both messages and files. It starts working from the moment of installation for all subsequent messages. It does not affect the sent messages before the timer is set (that is, they will have to be deleted manually). The auto-destroy function is also available in regular Telegram messages.

Interesting fact: Pavel Durov offered $ 200,000 to someone who could hack Telegram correspondence with an explanation of the hacking method. One of the vulnerabilities was found by a Russian programmer. But since the correspondence itself was never hacked, he received only part of the prize – $ 100,000.

Who needs Telegram secret chats

A secret chat is useful to any person who is worried about the safety of data during communication. For example, you can create chats between company employees to protect your business or customer data from leakage. You can use chats to communicate face-to-face with friends or family. You can conduct important negotiations with partners.

How to create a secret chat in Telegram

step-by-step instruction

You can create a secret chat only from a phone or tablet – for a desktop, the function is not yet available. The second important point is that the interlocutor must be online.

Telegram Secret chat
Telegram Secret Chat – How To Create, Who Needs It And Why

Step 1. Open the Telegram application on your mobile device. Click on the pencil icon – it allows you to start correspondence.
Step 2. In the window that opens, click on the “Create a secret chat” item.
Step 3. Choose with whom the correspondence will be.

P.S. If the interlocutor is not online, the chat will say “We are waiting for ** the interlocutor’s name ** to appear on the network.”

Step 4. The welcome window shows us that this is a secret chat. Opposite the name of the interlocutor, you can see a lock and a clock sign.


P.S. Pay attention, as soon as the screenshot is taken, a notification about it appears in the dialog window. The same notification will appear if the screen is made by the interlocutor.

Step 5. If necessary, set up a timer to automatically delete messages. It is disabled by default. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner to bring up the chat menu. Click “Enable timer deletion”.

You can select an interval from one second to one week.

After setting the timer, a notification will appear in the chat window. A circle with the number of set seconds, minutes or days will also appear next to the name of the interlocutor. In the example, the timer is set to 10 seconds.

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The timer can be turned off. Then the messages after setting the timer and before turning it off will be deleted, and the new ones (after turning off the timer) will no longer be there. To turn off the timer, you need to go to the menu again, click “Enable deletion by timer” and find the “Off” option in the list of the time range.

Step 6. Write the first message to the chat.

An important point – if you send links, then when you enable their preview, they are saved on the server. That is, it is no longer as confidential as without a preview. The corresponding warning is displayed when you try to send a link to the chat. You can agree to preview links or cancel it, then the links will be unclickable.

Let’s try to forward the message to another chat. We hold it down until an additional menu appears. In a regular chat there is a Forward button, but in a closed chat it is inactive (the button on the right). Only the “Reply” button is active.

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The same will happen when you try to send a photo, video or any file.

By the way, in a secret chat you can not only correspond, but also call up. There are regular and video calls. To make a call, you need to go to the chat menu and select the appropriate menu item. Logically, calls inside a private chat should also be encrypted.

Step 7. If you wish, you can delete the chat history manually. To do this, go back to the menu and select “Clear history”.

Important: if in ordinary correspondence you can choose how to delete the history – only you or the interlocutor too, then in the hidden chat there is no such choice. The history is deleted at once for both interlocutors.

Step 8. Find the chat in the general list of dialogs. In a secret chat, the name of the interlocutor is highlighted in green and a padlock is drawn next to it. The example clearly shows how the secret chat differs from the usual dialogue with the same person. These are two different correspondences.

Step 9. Delete the chat itself. It can be removed from the general chat list or inside a secret chat. To remove from the general list, hold the chat until the toolbar appears at the top. Find the trash can icon and click on it.

To delete a chat from the inside, open its menu and click on the “Delete chat” button.

Important: if the conversation history disappears when deleting two interlocutors, then when deleting the chat itself, you must additionally indicate for whom to delete it – only for you or for the interlocutor too. If you do not check the box next to the name of the interlocutor, your chat will be deleted, and the interlocutor will hang in the list of all chats.

* If you log out of your Telegram account, the secret chat will be deleted automatically.

At the beginning of the section, we wrote that a chat can only be created on a mobile device. You can also see it only on a mobile device. That is, if you have a hidden chat with a person, he has a Telegram on his phone and on a computer, then he will not see the chat on the computer and will not find out about it until he logs into the phone. No notifications do not come to the desktop, it is also not displayed in the chat list on the PC.


Secret chats in Telegram are one of the ways to securely communicate on the network. But there are always workarounds. For example, the interlocutor can take a picture of the correspondence on the second phone. Therefore, we advise you to exchange confidential information only with people you can trust. And even in this case, there is information that is safer to pass in a personal meeting.


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