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The 10 Best Disney Board Games, Ranked


Disney’s long and storied history has taken the company into every area imaginable. From obvious things like movies, books, and music, to more obscure products like theme parks, workout equipment, and even board games. Today, there are loads of Disney board games on the market, from re-themed classics to original games that are sure to appeal to even the most devoted board game fan. 

So if you want to add a touch of Disney magic to your next game night, here are 10 of the best Disney board games. 

Cranium has been a family game night staple since its release in 1998, and this Disney coat of paint adds some flair while not taking away from what made the original game so good. 

An extremely simple to learn party game, Cranium sees players take on various challenges as they make their way around the board. These challenges cover everything from simple trivia to acting out favorite films or drawing objects with your eyes closed. These games are well structured, so both adults and children can have fun, making it great for mixed groups. 

Codenames quickly established itself as a modern board game classic. Its blend of teamwork, deception, and strategy has entertained thousands of players. Playing in teams, one player has to get their teammates to select the correctly named cards from a grid by only giving one-word clues. 


This Disney version doesn’t change the mechanics, it only replaces the random words with Disney character names. This means the game is still as good as ever, and Disney fans will have a blast trying to find the correct characters. 

Pictopia is a unique trivia game. Players draw cards from a deck and then wager how well they think they’ll do at questions themed around the image on the card. If you get the question right, you get to move on the board, and the first person to reach the castle wins. As a bonus, some cards require teamwork or even guessing another player’s answers setting this apart from basic trivia quizzes. 

The game’s questions are not the most difficult in the world. However, this makes it perfect for younger players and family groups, making this a fun and accessible trivia game. 

Inspired by party improv games like Cards Against Humanity, Meme: The Game sees players use caption cards and images to create the funniest memes possible. 

This version of the game strips out a lot of the adult humor of the original version and replaces the meme images with stills from various Disney movies. While the lack of adult humor may put off some players, this is a simple and low-effort party game that’s perfect for groups who want a quick giggle without having to wade through complex rules.

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