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The Bad News From Not Brushing Your Teeth Regularly


There is no such thing as a beneficial bad breath. There is no such thing as waiting till the food is properly digested before deciding to brush your teeth.

There is no such thing as gurgling and popping a mint in your mouth to substitute for actually brushing your teeth. None! While we have daily teachings on proper hygiene, daily posts on how best to brush one’s teeth, the do’s and don’ts of brushing and oral hygiene, you cannot hope to bypass it just because you don’t feel up to it.

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Many humans think bad oral hygiene is just what it is, and can be remedied by simply picking a brush and toothpaste when they are ready. But it goes beyond that.

The Bad From Not Brushing Your Teeth Regularly
The Bad From Not Brushing Your Teeth Regularly

So, no, there are absolutely no benefits to not brushing your teeth. The only way it’s beneficial is when used as a weapon to chase away unwanted attention. If you are not doing that, then it’s best you know just how dangerous to your health not brushing constantly is.

Bad Breath

This is undoubtedly quite common. This is the ultimate signal and indicator of not brushing your teeth. Everyone gets to know. Everyone! Bacteria build up in your mouth from lingering food, which starts to decay, go sour and stench.


Gum Disease

You might think it’s normal for your gum to bleed while brushing it, you might also think it is because you are probably using a hard brush and the reason you might be using a hard brush is because your teeth are so bad you basically need to scrub it for it to squeak. One major indicator of bad oral hygiene is gum disease. Gum disease or gingivitis could be a reason your gum bleeds and, if left untreated, can weaken teeth and bones in the mouth and if left totally unattended can potentially lead to periodontitis disease. Periodontitis, one of the leading causes of tooth loss, can damage soft tissues.

Mouth And Stomach Ulcer

More often than not, what we put into our mouths is acidic. The food we eat, gum, sugary gummies, soda, dairy, citrus and so on. All of these, while satisfying for a few minutes, are very harmful to the health if left in the mouth longer than it should stay in. Bacteria from acidic food can damage the stomach lining, and worse if the mouth is not cleaned up after it. Going to bed with the mouth closed, or open, makes it easier for bacteria to fester and grow.


A study has shown that poor oral hygiene has been associated with a much higher risk factor for oral cancer. People with bad oral hygiene have the highest chance of getting oral cancer. Signs that show that you may have oral cancer are unexplained chronic mouth pain, chronic pain in the teeth and/or jaw, loose teeth, white or red patches in the mouth or throat area, problems with swallowing or chewing, a lump in the neck, chronic bad breath. With the frequent usage of face masks because of the pandemic, bad breath on self is easily detectable. Once you are able to notice the stench that is your breath, even after having given your mouth a cleaning earlier in the day, it is time to go get it checked medically.


Did you know that dementia and tooth decay may have a link? According to a research paper published in Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports, dental decay can increase an individual’s chance of getting dementia. Although the paper does not show how poor dental hygiene can cause dementia, it noted that periodontitis and inflammation in the brain can cause dementia.


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