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The political admonition of Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach



By Paschal Ozovehe Aroke

It is not far from truth entrusted on the struggles of taking the country to the promise-land with the quality highlights on the political articles of Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach published three and two months ago by The Nation Newspaper. It is crafted that, only if the youths can organise a long and uncompromised peaceful protest against the odds of the nebulous political leaders, the nation is at respect and hope of establishing favourable atmosphere.

The mannerfully hold of the natural resources of the nation at the advantage of the riches or the politicians is as a result of poor or no concern of the youths to implement policies and principles to safeguard the wants of the mere and patriotic citizens.

It is admonished in his articles to put measures that could harness the low stand of the political leaders to entrust a so-called formal immunity that encourages untouchable hands and the erase of separation of power and check and balances in their respective governance.

On that note, youths are to embrace political knowledge and skills to standardize the lukewarm in the national politics, rather, to be proud graduates of different fields without seeing how to solve the issues suppressing their destiny.

The high maintenance of cooperation and the readiness to embark on productive risking are the major efforts to strengthen the weakness in the nation politics. It is a sure idea that the political freedom can only be gained through that.

We are in a nation surrounded by political elites, yet, the political failures of the nation are on high acceleration. Prevailing highlights by different activists especially, Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach to pressure down the bone of the matter must be attended to so as to garner relatively-appropriate channel to partially or completely make political regulations in the nation.

Predominantly, the sacrificial services of the youths and the medium-doing citizens or working class citizens count most in bringing comfortable environment. Having properly scheduled to manifest the politically-oriented-tabled issues, citizen, if not nearer to personal freedom, are on the way to establish their safety in the various societies.

There is no way the national politicians who have taken huge pleasure in moving from one country to another to invest and stay would have feelings to meet the mercy of the citizens. This is a core reason to depreciate ethnical uniformity but to endorse ourselves for national uniformity for collective favoritism. It is therefore, our duty bound to stretch availability of comfort over one another by our skeptical establishment of efforts and risks in subsiding the iron hand of the ill-hearted politicians as accorded by Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach.

If we are to measure the struggles and threats in indulging processes of liberating our safety and political freedom, we can see plenty surrounding factors to discredit the move and can we continue to be oppressed for a fulltime or to suffer for it to attract part-time sufferings? The conceptual discourse and contextual analysis of the question is best known to us following facts that, we encountered the hatred, discrimination and oppression of all kinds.

It is an acquainted fact that plenty political ideologies have been applied to appropriate Nigeria political institution and governance, plenty are under processes and plenty are featured to be used. Day-to-day polishing of ideologies to meet the current version of the demands matter most in our nation politics. Our political and human right activists have always shown keen interest to doing well about that.

We do give critical appraisals to that to urge the service more. I also encourage the youths to marry such humanitarian service. Some matter arises that ideologies earmarked for closure of strange negative issue would receive weak review. But, in as much as we try to engage in the submitted guidelines to politically triumph; we must consider Shadrachcracy as a form and system of governance.

The political system called “Shadrachcracy” makes equal representation of all kinds of humans in the society participate in governmental position to easily underscore representation of thoughts and wills from each category found in a society. This makes the government a mouthpiece of all. In that regards, if the Shadrachcracy, a political system of Shadrachology can be embraced now and in future in the political territories of the nation, easy access between the proletarians and bourgeoisies would be established and this makes collective experiences, skills and knowledge work together to garner the good of the nation. Political stability shall therefore stay on limelight in the nation.

A nation is far from receiving full package for it development and growth if the service to uphold that is allocated to a particular group. It is therefore a collective activity of the citizens to regulate political structures and participations to enhance representative focus.

On this, Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach has always urge the national scholars and activists to work together in bringing safety of the nation whereas, youths must be attached to the above groups to have appropriate channel of transformation and revolution, and the both, to work with the proletarians to see how to finance their knowledge and strength. In the other hand, the physically-challenged and the less-privileged are to establish Ojonugwaology as their weapon of survival in the societies.

The continuous urge to get more securities and satisfactions can never allow our politicians have good minds towards the mere citizens. It is on this note; I would urge all of us to embark on this service if we must live to have share of environmental joy and happiness in almost all ramifications. The notion of better tomorrow cannot stand without political stability. Therefore, Aruwaology must stand in order to have peaceful, loving and forgiving characters within one another to have defined cooperation and organization of protests to demand and gain our fulltime freedom. Yes, we have a national song like “FREEDOM” but we can’t enjoy the freedom if we are not playing and resting in the garden of democracy.

We must be loyal to one another to disloyal the ill-hearted politicians, we can never continue to worship them to have our personal freedom established, we can never look unto them as we do to our Creator, we can never receive equal salary to our labour as long as we fold hands to completely work for them, we can never celebrate our precious beings if we continue to celebrate them, our children can never know peace and comfort of life if we continue to abide by their full doctrinal channel, it is better we die today so that our children know the cause of our death than to die tomorrow to create regret and doubt in the minds of our children, we can be stubborn in dealing with things that could embrace political stability whereas our children could be simple in handling the political stability, these and many more are the political admonition of Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach. Indeed, in all indications, this is what Nigerians should quickly marry to if our desire to walk along the peaceful and beautiful streets of the nation must be gained.

Conclusively, all matters of politics or related must be treated with levity to erase complex natures of governance and all the cool-minding constitutions must be handled with justice to create democracy we have ever thought of gaining.

Source: The Nation Online

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