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These Are The Best Solo Board Games


Nothing beats game night. Hanging out with friends and playing board games is always a fantastic and enjoyable experience. But what if you want to play a tabletop game when all of your friends are busy? What if you just can’t wait until the next board game night?

Don’t worry. There are loads of fun and exciting solo board games that allow you to have all the fun of an evening in over dice and cards without having to put on pants. Here are the best tabletop games for a party of one.

Gloomhaven is a campaign-based tactical skirmish game. Players star as a roaming adventurer who must travel through a world of monsters, dark dungeons, and danger as they try to make a name for themselves. This adventure board game also has legacy elements, meaning that the world is persistent, and it will change based on the decisions you make as you fight your way through its massive number of scenarios. This all combines together to create a varied and tense game.

Gloomhaven’s in-depth skirmishes work beautifully as a solo game as it lets you spend as long as you like enjoying the world and plotting your epic encounters. Cephalofair Games also sells an add-on pack that includes more solo scenarios, which is a must-buy for singleplayer fans looking to get the most from their Gloomhaven kit.

Mage Knight casts you as one of four Mage Knights. You have one aim: To build up your army and conquer the land, overthrowing the Atlantean Empire in the process. 


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This game combines traditional board games, tabletop RPGs, and deck-building strategy titles in one unique package. Mage Knight is surprisingly deep, with lots of different tactics and strategies. If you’re looking for replay value, Mage Knight provides, as you can approach each game differently every time.

While the core rules only come with one solo scenario, many fans have found it easy to convert the multiplayer adventures to work with the singleplayer ruleset.  

Mage Knight obviously appeals most to fans of the larger Mage Knight franchise. But non-fans will still enjoy this game’s exceptional mechanics, and the rules quickly tell you everything you need to know about the setting to get started playing.

This Viking-themed game is correctly described as a saga in board game form. Playing as the leader of a tribe, you have to order your men to find new lands so they can be plundered and pillaged for material wealth. However, you will also have to manage things in your homeland, including making sure you have enough food to feed everyone. 

A Feast for Odin is decently complex, making it the perfect fit for hardcore strategy buffs. In fact, this game is even better when playing solo, as you get to spend as long as you like plotting moves, letting you carry out in-depth strategies that wouldn’t be feasible with multiple players. Despite this depth, A Feast for Odin is one of the simplest games of this type to learn, as the rules are well written and very clear, allowing you to get started pretty quickly.

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