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TikTok Earnings — How To Make Money With TikTok


Becoming an online celebrity is now every teen’s dream. The web offers many opportunities to turn your passion into more than just entertainment. And if in the past you aspired to be the exclusive fashion blogger on Instagram or to become famous on Facebook, then today you are also striving for fame on TikTok. Many people asked me how to make money on TikTok . So I decided to dive deeper into this topic with this tutorial, which I hope will be helpful for you as well.

I will start by telling you that being good is not enough to make money online, but you also need to have a little luck and a minimum of social content management skills. The web world, in fact, can provide many opportunities for those who want to be noticed. However, they must be used appropriately and, in most cases, synergistically. If you are wondering how to make money on TikTok, then all you have to do is listen to what I am about to tell you. Do you have time for me? Then let’s get started.

How to make money with TikTok

Have you recently discovered TikTok? Then you will definitely want to know more about this social network, which was the most visited by teens at first. The specific purpose of this platform is to create and distribute short music videos that can range from a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of one minute. In these films, you will become a star and need to understand how to grab the attention of other users so that you can be followed, appreciated, and possibly rethought (aka engagement).

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Likewise, you can choose which users to follow. This social network, available worldwide, has over 2 million users in Italy alone (at the time of this writing). So it won’t be difficult for you to discover new interesting content. Later, you can use them as a guide to improve your technique and learn new spectacular choreographies. Either way, always try to customize your content so that it is unique and attracts more and more users to follow you.

Can you make money on Tiktok?

The first question I want to answer is: is it really possible to monetize a TikTok account ? The answer is yes , but you also need to understand what the dynamics of the web is in this case. As you probably already know, making money online is relatively easy. However, in most cases, the income is very small.

First of all, I want to tell you right now that TikTok does not pay its users directly and that you should not expect any fixed income (at least for now). As with other social networks, user income often comes from multiple sources, which can be both direct and indirect benefits.

If you intend to achieve this goal, then right now I will tell you that one of the qualities that you absolutely cannot miss is consistency . To make your profile visible, you have to take care of it every day, just like you have to “feed” your muzzles (your followers) with fresh and interesting content. I mean, you have to waste your time.

TikTok Earnings — How To Make Money With TikTok
TikTok Earnings — How To Make Money With TikTok

Creativity is equally important. As I said before, sharing content on TikTok, unless it’s a duo or a challenge, will never get the attention of other users. In fact, this will lead you to have an average profile, which in translation means few wins and rare occurrences.

Requirements and goals

Now that we begin to see the world of TikTok more clearly, it’s time to understand what requirements will allow you to take advantage of the opportunity to grow your income or grow it from scratch.

You, of course, downloaded the official TikTok application , available for Android, and for iOS . In addition, you must have a properly activated TikTok account .

However, in addition to the basic requirements, the fundamental goal is to collect the largest number of followers, called in this case moussers. You need to create interesting content to the point where it constantly grabs their attention. Even if having a large following doesn’t mean you are automatically making a lot of money on TikTok, it will have a positive impact on your chances of success.

At the same time, you must have a high conversion rate . This means that your followers will need to interact with your profile, not just passively follow it. For this to happen, you first need to have good video-making skills : of course, you don’t have to be a professional, but creating original content requires a certain amount of “training”.

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Finally, to succeed on TikTok, you have to put shyness aside. Some of the most appreciated qualities are certainly resourcefulness and the ability to entertain users . While these skills can be trained over time, being an extrovert helps, and a lot. But, of course, don’t exaggerate.

If you’d like to learn more about the topic and discover all the possibilities you can use to maximize your message engagement, I invite you to check out my guide to becoming famous on TikTok. This way, you can find yourself in TikTok’s moles for you and thus significantly increase your following. Now, instead, let’s move on to the monetization opportunity associated with this social network.

Direct ways to make money on TikTok

The first method I want to introduce you to make money on TikTok is direct . This means that it allows you to make money directly from the social network’s monetization scheme (although, as I said, this is not so straight away).

Usually digital entrepreneurs prefer to use other methods, such as the ones I’ll show you later. This does not distract, however, from the fact that directly benefiting from TikTok is one of the easiest ways, especially for those with little experience.


The first way to make money on TikTok is by collecting gems . I apologize? No, we’re not on Fortnite and don’t worry, I’m not kidding. In fact, this is the monetization mechanism that TikTok has been implementing since 2019, which provides exactly the ability to generate these virtual coins.

To activate this option, you must go to your profile page and press the button “Spread the word, collect gems “. Besides getting $1 right away, you will have the opportunity to learn about other methods of increasing gems.

In order to promote this Asian social network in Europe, the development team pays a lot of attention to the opportunity to earn free gems . First, let’s take a look at what types of gemstones are currently available and how they differ:

  • Rubies – equivalent to 1 / 10,000 euros
  • Diamonds – the equivalent of 1 euro

Including currencies and exchange rates from virtual currency to euro, you need to learn more about TikTok’s earning methods . You should be aware that the social network provides some missions to accumulate gems (usually rubies). In addition, if they are known or verified in other ways, they can receive gems as a gift , more specifically, TikTok virtual diamonds.

Below you will find all the available methods of accumulating gems on TikTok for free :


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  • 100 rubies if you read the rules;
  • 100 rubies to exchange pages;
  • 200 rubies, if you watch at least a minute of the video;
  • 300 rubies if you watch at least 3 minutes of video;
  • 500 rubies when you post a video;
  • Daily bonus check;
  • Bonus for registering friends who have never been to TikTok.

Once you reach a certain threshold, you can request payment of your credit directly from PayPal . Just click the Extract button (under the Diamond Meter) and complete the wizard. Remember, however, that the minimum payout is € 2 .

Indirect ways to make money on TikTok

As you just realized, making money with gems on TikTok is not easy at all, and it can take a long time to complete your plan. That is, unless you have so much follow-up information that you convert video views into gems gifts.

Anyway, don’t worry too much. There are also indirect ways to make money with TikTok . While these marketing methods are a little more difficult to use, they can provide excellent results in the medium to long term.


While membership has lost some momentum compared to the past, it remains one of the most valuable ways to monetize online, and hence make money with TikTok. This profit is achieved through the links associated with the product . If your followers purchase products that you use or recommend, you will receive a commission in return .

Currently, there are a lot of services that allow you to use the accessory. Of course, Amazon and Ebay are of particular importance. The two ecommerce giants offer plans that are open to everyone and that, when used correctly, can allow you to have a fixed income.

To access these programs, simply go to the respective web pages and register an account:

  • Amazon Affiliates – Site
  • Ebay Affiliation – website

These are by far the two most used affiliate services in the world. But a quick Google search will be enough to find many other alternatives, even nationally (and possibly related to your niche).

Once you’ve created your product links, you just need to paste them into your TikTok profile bio . Maybe mention these products in the video you posted.


Once you reach a certain level of notoriety, it is not uncommon for you to be contacted by small or medium-sized businesses that are interested in using your TikTok channel to sponsor their products . You can make money indirectly through the TikTok channel.

In most cases, these brands will repay the user by giving them the appropriate product, which results in a kind of barter in exchange for advertising. However, sometimes, especially with a large number of musicians, you can get monetary compensation for the ads that are inserted into the videos. There is no fixed fee in this case: a lot depends on how many companies are willing to invest in marketing and how popular your profile is.

So if you manage to grow your account properly, you will see that what I am telling you is true.


You have a lot of muscle on TikTok but can’t monetize the best? Then, you can use your TikTok account to advertise all other channels that have a specific monetization system. I’m talking about your blog or even YouTube, for example. You can multiply your earnings by acting on multiple fronts.

To do what I just suggested, you could, for example, insert links to these feeds in the TikTok bio . Once you reach a certain number of interactions, you should be able to build user loyalty on other channels as well. You will have a stable income.


Another way to make money with TikTok can be by making a live video . This type of content, in fact, usually makes an impression on the public, which is more inclined to follow any advice. You can, for example, view a particular type of product live , giving advice on how to use it and where to buy it.

Be careful not to underestimate live videos, their involvement and the possibility of cultivating new online relationships. While watching the live video, you will be able to interact with other users and create links that can open up new opportunities for collaboration.

This technique is usually very effective and can produce good results even in a relatively short time.

Estimated income from TikTok account

After these tips, I’m sure a question has arisen in your head: how much can you make from your TikTok account ? As I said, income is based on many factors, and for this reason, even profiles with the same amount of muscle can produce very different results.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the potential of your account, however, there is a website that allows you to make an estimate of the potential income . Of course, this is a guideline value, but it may allow you to set your marketing strategy.

To access this data, all you have to do is connect to TikTok Money Calculator . Once you reach the page, enter your username in the space provided and wait for the results to be processed.

Future monetization opportunities with TikTok

As a very young social network, TikTok has an almost limitless territory in front of it where you can expand your business. This means that in the future, the ways to monetize your account will be much more and very easy to use.

There are rumors of a plan implemented by TikTok to constantly monetize accounts. In particular, it seems that a very similar advertising mechanism to YouTube is planned .

Simply put, it is likely that in the future you will be able to use an ad auction system to monetize TikTok video views directly.

This way, you will have a solid performance base from TikTok’s point of view alone. The other suggested methods, however, will be helpful in further increasing your social media earnings.


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