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TikTok Shadowbans: What Is TikTok Shadowban And How To Fix It


One of the risks that you can face when using social media is the so-called shadowbanTo understand what is at stake, it is worth starting with the literal meaning of this English expression, which in Italian translates roughly as “put in the shadow”: shadowban means the action by which a user hides from the online community and / or with which he the content becomes invisible or, in any case, more difficult to access than usual. In short, not a small problem, especially for those who use social media for work (for example, creators and influencers) and therefore cannot afford a decrease in visibility.

In this article, I will talk about the shadow ban on TikTok : what it is, why it happens, what you can do to avoid it, how to act if it happens, and much more.

What it is TikTok Shadowbans

A shadow ban on TikTok is about blocking your profile and its content . Even if your profile is under the shadow ban, you can post regular videos and watch other people’s videos, but it will be very difficult for other users to find you.

What’s more, your videos will no longer appear on TikTok in the For You section, hashtag searches, and song searches. This will drastically reduce your visibility.

Why is this happening

The shadow ban is TikTok’s “defensive” mechanism, and while the social network has never made an official statement on this, we can assume that it is applied – probably automatically – when it realizes that videos are violating community rules, for example, when they contain nudity, drugs, hate speech or fake news, copyrighted music, etc.

From user experience, it looks like TikTok’s shadow ban is pretty strict, especially in some countries (like India).

How to tell if you are in shadowbans on TikTok

One of the biggest problems is that it is not easy to determine if your account is in shadowban. It would be convenient if the application would notify us with a notification, but, unfortunately, this is not the case (after all, this operation is similar to the blocked Instagram action, another “silent blocking procedure”). So all we can do is try to figure it out with a little trick.



The first tip I’ll give you is to view TikTok statistics related to your latest content (data is only available if your account is “Pro”). In this section, you can see the percentage of views that your video received through “For You”. If this percentage is present (even if it is very low), then it is very unlikely that your profile is in shadowban. In this case, the real reason your TikTok is not spreading as well as you would like it to be may be that its quality is probably not high enough. It can also depend on the fact that the people who follow you have little interaction. with you, leaving you few likes and comments: TikTok notices this and punishes your profile, because it thinks that the content you offer is not very interesting.

TikTok Shadowbans
TikTok Shadowbans

Instead, you can end up in shadowban if:

  • Your recent videos have few views (usually less than 80, and in some cases even only 10-15);
  • Your most recent videos have 0 views despite not being viewed;
  • Your video statistics show that 0% of views are for “For You” ;
  • By constantly analyzing Insight, you understand that the percentage of views from those who follow you is also very low .

How to get out of the TikTok shadow ban

As I said before, TikTok has never provided a reason why a profile is at risk of being shadowban; Likewise, we do not know how long this condition could last, even if online reviews suggest that it is a highly volatile period that can last anywhere from 7 days to 3 months .

In short, getting out of shadowban on TikTok is by no means easy, but there are still some actions you can take to try and improve the situation . In detail, you can:

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  • Continue posting content regularly to ensure it is of high quality and avoid “borderline” or explicit content;
  • Be very careful not to break the TikTok rules ;
  • Use your account not only to share videos , but also to interact with other users. This will serve a dual purpose: encouraging other people to interact with you in turn and convincing TikTok that you are not a bot;
  • Ask your friends to visit your profile and regularly, but not too often, leave likes and comments under your videos.

If none of this helps (or even if your account is newly created and you don’t think it’s worth the effort to get out of shadowban), I suggest you open a new TikTok profile and start from scratch.


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