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TikToker shares secret use for HM01 Cut in ‘Pokémon’


Pokémon has a variety of movesets, but only a handful of them have special uses outside of battle. But did you know that there is a secret use for HM01, Cut? Apparently, this move known to cut down trees has another use.

TikToker and 2016 Pokémon video game champion Wolfeyvgc shared a video explaining Cut’s other use in the games. According to him, asides from cutting down trees that block your path, it can also cut tall grass.

According to Wolfey, this secret ability allowed you to remove tall grass, making it possible for you to travel without catching any wild Pokémon. This secondary use for this HM move did not last long as the ability was ‘cut’ in later games, from Generation 4 and onwards.


And if you think this was a prank or a fake video, I brought out my old Gameboy, tested it out, and it’s not a lie. Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier? Why wasn’t any of this mentioned in the game? Was I not paying attention when NPC gave the move to me?

And it’s not just me. Other Pokémon fans on TikTok replied in the comments, saying that they were also shocked to learn about this and also wondered why none of them were told about this ability.

But apparently, some trainers knew about this, some only finding out accidentally in-game. Some also shared more secrets that involve the special move in the comments. According to other trainers and the Bulbapedia, if your Pokémon has the ability “hyper cutter” (like Krabby, Gliscor, and Pinser), and you use cut in the overworld, it will cut out more grass. This however was exclusive for Pokémon Emerald only and not the older titles.

It’s been 25 years since Gen 1 was released and you mean to tell us Pokémon fans that we could have saved PokéDollars on repels when we could have just used cut this whole time? But you know what, the more you know. So if you plan to do another run of playing Gen 1 – 3 Pokémon games, you now know that you can save the time and hassle of battling wild Pokémon and just remove the grass instead.

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