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How To Get Tinted Permit For Car Glass in Nigeria


Do you want to get a permit for your tinted glass? Here is all the steps you need to follow and other important details.

Those extra minutes to hours spend on the road dealing with police, are no one’s favorite moments; especially when in a rush to meet up with an appointment or one is already late for a program.

There is a barrage of reasons why the law enforcement officers stop vehicles and prominent of these, is the issue of tinted glasses, and with the rising issue of insecurity in the country, the police are clamping down heavily on motorists with tinted glasses.

While everyone agrees that tinted glasses are cool, and by extension would want to get their car glasses tinted for reasons ranging from health, security and even for social reasons.

Perhaps the reason it has become common among celebrities, politicians and even regular motorists –criminals alike.

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The Nigerian law, prohibits tinted glasses except in special cases, such as those on medical and security grounds; and people who fall in this category are required to carry around a permit.

Therefore, this article will be focusing on how to acquire a tinted glass permit – the right way of course.

And the first step (after owning a car, that is) is to be sure that you are eligible to obtain a permit in line with the Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Tinted Glass) Act, 1991 which limits the use of tinted glasses to those who do so on medical (usually bordering around adverse reaction to sun rays) and security grounds only.

This will avoid undergoing the whole stress of the application process only to be denied at the end.

In these cases, the permit refers to the factory fitted tinted glass and this is clearly stated in the Nigerian Police force website and as at the moment, there is no allowance yet for the aftermarket tinted glass.

If any motorist is caught with an aftermarket tinted glass, the police officers have been ordered to peel it off and even impound the vehicle.

Hire an Agent

To start with, there are two broad ways to do it; the first of which includes hiring an agent or a ‘specialist’ on this matter.

This is preferable for those who are unable or unwilling to go through the cumbersomeness –not difficulty, cumbersomeness- of handling the process themselves, and these agents charge ten thousand naira or more.

But be sure the agent is reliable, lest you fall into the hand of fraudsters. The added advantage of this method is that they are also faster, delivering the permit as fast as within one week.

It is easier to find these agents in the major cities; Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt etc. which are also the places one is likely to encounter fraudsters, so once again, one must be very careful.

Do it Yourself

Conversely, for those who wish to undergo the whole process by themselves, and this is more favorable for those who had just purchased cars with tinted glass and are awaiting shipment.

But then, it’s also much safer to undergo the process by one’s self, as this reduces the risk of frauds who pose as agent; plus, it saves cost, as this method is actually meant to be free.

How To Get Tinted Permit For Car Glass in Nigeria 2021
How To Get Tinted Permit For Car Glass in Nigeria 2021

This process might actually seem stressful, especially for those who have no clue how to go about it, causing avoidable mistakes during the online registration and multiple visits to the police command headquarters.

But, if you follow this article carefully, you should be just fine, so here we go;

Create an application ID

To undergo this process, one must first go to the online outlet the Nigerian police has set for such; to generate an application ID.

This is on the right side of the page and requires just the name, phone number and email address of the applicant.

The Application ID is just a number that will be required by the applicant to complete their registration and subsequently login to verify their application.

Please keep this ID safe, as once generated using an email or password, these details can no longer be used to generate another ID, and retrieving it will be quite strenuous; though, one can generate another ID using a different email and phone number to start the process afresh.

Online Application for Tinted Permit

After creating the application ID, it is a number which appears just above the entry fields for the login; in a red colored text.

One then logs in with the ID and his email address (on the left side of the same page) which then leads him to the page wherein he is expected register his details.


This is in two batches; first is the biodata, including full name, date of birth, sex, email address, phone number, marital status, state and local government of origin and finally his NIMC number (though this is not tagged as required).

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Afterwards, he is expected to click on the submit button which then leads him to the second phase; the vehicle registration.

In this field, one is expected to fill in his number plate, chassis number, vehicle make, model, year and color, the vehicle insurance policy number and the state of registration.

Then a scanned copy of the vehicle license and proof of ownership; sadly, the size cap of these documents is 100kb. Then click submit.

Get your Printout

Subsequently (after filling the aforementioned page and clicking submit), the details are presented to the applicant in a printable format.

This is expected to be printed to be used for further processing at the Police state command headquarters or force headquarters alongside the original copies of one’s vehicle documents.

Those applying based on medical grounds in addition to the above documents are expected to also present their medical report as obtained from any government hospital.

At the State Command Headquarters

Contrary to what is described on the police website, getting one’s biometric captured isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Despite the insistence of the inspector general of police that obtaining a permit in Nigeria is free, there have been many allegations of extortion by some crooked officers, charging from one thousand naira to as high as ten thousand naira.

The department saddled with the task of this procedure is the police ICT department, and most times, these officers are quite friendly.

More so, because of the very limited facilities -once point per state- there’s a good chance that there’s going to be a long waiting line.

To worsen this, some command headquarters actually limit the number of applicants per day, some taking as few as just ten daily.

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This issue of poor service has improved significantly over the last few years, but not completely.

Aside these obstacles, the biometrics capture is not so different from what one experiences when registering for voter’s card. Pictures are taken, fingerprints captured and the credentials are assessed; easy-peasy.

Afterwards, the printout will then be returned to the applicant after being stamped and signed, which should also be presented whenever one returns to get the actual tinted glass permit.

What Next?

After the biometrics capture, the official waiting time according to the police website is less than five working days, but most times, it takes longer -even up to two weeks for some command headquarters depending on the burden.

The way to know if one’s application was successful is to regularly check the Nigerian Police website (the one on which the registration was started) with which one applied before using the application ID he or she had created from the start.

Once one’s application is successful you go back with the application printout to get your tinted glass certificate.

After getting your glass permit, ensure to always have it in your car whenever you’re going anywhere to avoid any hassles with the gentlemen of the force.

Also remember, that they are issued to individuals and not cars, hence if one buys a car from someone who already has a glass permit, it is not of benefit to the buyer and he’ll have to apply for a tinted permit himself.

Despite the simplicity and straightforwardness of the online registration process, some may experience difficulty in applying online, in which case, it is expected that the applicant visits their state command headquarters or the federal headquarters Abuja for assistance.

Also note, that a new car with tinted glasses, either imported or purchased from a dealer is expected to have a permit, within the first ninety days of importation or purchase.

Final Note

To sum it up, getting a tinted glass permit is a very straightforward process, if one does not experience any delay due to logistic or any other reasons; all it takes is an online application and about two visits to the police command headquarters of your state or the federal headquarters, Abuja.

The above statement though is theoretical and the process is usually made difficult by queues at the command, delay in processing and sometimes corrupt individuals who a want to rip off unwitting applicants.

But for legality authenticity and sake, it is worth the stress.


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