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Tips on Dirty Phone Talk – Keep Long Distance Relationships Working


Sometimes, couples have to stay away from each other for many reasons. In such a situation, they indulge in dirty phone talk to keep long distance relationships working. If you also stay away from your partner, then you may also enjoy being intimate on phone and enjoy dirty phone talk.

Dirty phone talk enables couples to spice up their love relationship even if they are not together. In fact, couples who are shy, opt for this medium to express their love and passion to their partners. If you are involved in a relation with a stranger, then you can comfortably use telephonic medium to be intimate with your partner. Dirty phone talk is an easy way to further an old relation or build a new one. Moreover, it is similar to a virtual relationship on the web.

We see that there are various benefits of dirty talking over phone to your partner. In addition, women enjoy an upper hand even while conversing over phone than men. In fact, even men wait for their women to take the lead role and set the ball rolling. So, some of the tips on dirty phone talk are:

You should not suddenly begin talking dirty on phone. Neither should you tell your partner directly that you want to talk dirty to him. This might shock your partner and freeze the conversation completely.

Whenever you call your partner to talk dirty, you should always begin talking slowly. Your tone should be relaxed and normal. You could begin by asking about the day’s work and then gradually toss in exciting terms.

The most significant idea is to tell your partner that you missed him. With this, you can continue telling him in detail reasons for missing him.

You could also tell him about your desires over the phone. You can let him know in detail that what you want him to do when he returns home.


You could even ask him in explicit detail that what he will want you to do to him. You could even ask him the ways in which he will like it.

However, while asking him, you should ensure that he is not offended. Moreover, you should find out whether he likes the conversation or not. If he is not interested, then you should be flexible to change the topic to something that interests him.

Actually, there is no hard and fast rule by which you will have to abide while enjoying dirty phone talk. The idea is to be comfortable with each other.

You could even use normal language to converse as sensually as possible. If you want to throw in some crude and raunchy words, then you could do it in moderation.

You should ensure that you are speaking with emotion to your partner. However, you should not use derogatory words while talking to each other.

The most important point that you should keep in mind while talking dirty is that both of you are safe. This is to mean that if anyone of you is driving and talking simultaneously, then you should park your car aside and then continue talking to avoid any mishap.

Source by Chris J Roberts

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