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Tips to Buy the Best Cacao Powder


Before you buy cacao powder, it is important to understand not all of the products available are the same. Paying more doesn’t mean you will get a better overall product. You need to read the label to find out what you are really getting. You also want to compare prices on the weight of the product and not just the packaging. It may surprise you to learn the tricks used in marketing.

The visual appearance of a product can make it look like it has more than comparable products. This means you may buy cacao powder and pay more for it than you would for a larger sized package of a great quality product. Always divide the cost of the product by the ounces it offers to get the price per ounce. You will be blown away at the price differences you identify!

Chocolate that is Good for You

Perhaps you have heard you can buy cacao powder that makes chocolate good for you! Who doesn’t love chocolate or like the idea of being able to consume it guilt free? While there is some truth to the statement, it is too generalised and you need to be informed about the facts. When it is offered in a raw, organic form, it can be considered a superfood.

You can buy cacao powder that is raw and organic and use it to replace chocolate in just about any recipe. It will taste delicious and no one is going to know you make that exchange unless you decide to disclose it to them. Your favourite chocolate treats can then offer some value for the body rather than being extra calories you should have avoided.

Nutritional Value

As you read the labels before you buy cacao powder, you can rule out those that aren’t going to offer the highest nutritional value. Look for a product that is full of calcium, magnesium, calcium, and high in antioxidants. The product is going to give your body a great boost and also help to flush out harmful toxins.



This product does have a bitter taste, similar to dark chocolate. However, the overall taste it will offer depends on what you mix it with. When you replace regular chocolate in a recipe for example, it will have a stronger taste but not overpowering. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try and see for yourself what you think about it.

Some people think it is an acquired taste, and it does take a bit of time to adjust to the change. However, they are content to do it based on the dietary value it offers and it helps them avoid feeling deprived. This type of lifestyle change can be one worth doing in order to lose weight and keep it off. For those that like chocolate and consume it often, it can really make a difference.


There is no end to how you can use it in recipes either. You can add it to fruit for a sweeter taste, to smoothies, or drizzle it over cake instead of frosting. It can be mixed with sweeteners and cacao butter to make chocolate. It won’t be as healthy that way, but it may be a great option you offer your family now and then.

As you discover more recipes, you will find you buy cacao powder regularly. It is a great way to curb that sweet tooth without all the added calories. You can also create your own fun recipes with it to create items you love to make on a regular basis.

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