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Top 5 Popular Tourist Attractions in Nigeria



These places are usually protected from human activities and to avoid encroachment because of sophisticated modernity. The social and economic significance of this sites can not be undermined or swept under the carpet. Countries that pay attention to tourism generates a greater revenue from it,so it adds to the revenue of the country. In addition it also projects a beautiful landmark image of the country.

In this write up, we are going to look at five unique and amazing places you would love to behold in Nigeria.


Top 5 Popular Tourist Attractions in Nigeria Today

1. River Ethiope

This nature wonder is believed to be the deepest inland waterway in Africa. It is located in Umuaja village in ukwuani local Government Area, Delta state. One intriguing & amazing thing about the River Ethiope is it’s source,unlike other sources of rivers,it flows out from the foot of a giant silk cotton passes through Sapele through Abraka. The most attractive feature of the river is the uniqueness and it’s purity.

One could see the bottom of the water from the bank, fishes could be seen swimming with great enthusiasm in the water but they soon vanishes at the moment human presence is noticed..

The entrance to the five tunnel of the cave is wide with solid Rock with a cool spring dropping from the top and to all corners. The inside of the cave is as cool & awesome like a wonderland. The Ogbunike cave is a sandstone cave and is extraordinarily big compared to what a sandstone cave should look like. Biology weathering,physiochemical and erosion led to the formation of the cave. Though the cave have had histories of human alterations.

It has chambers that are naturally carved and the tunnel has two levels.The lower tunnel is 100m long and leads to an underground river .The upper level is twice as long and very dry ,a bat colony and a water fall sit at Northwest end.Tourists visiting the cave are usually advised to come with torch light, wear trousers and be prepared to do the reptile move(crawl).

According to the natives,there is a god called Ogba who lives inside the cave in the middle of a large rock. It is said to be an all seeing spirit who could see detect all crimes. People’s guilt and innocence is usually proved when they are brought into the cave.People guilty of the crime do not return alive. As a result of the presence of the gods and it traditional and spiritual symbolism,visitor are given certain rules.

The rules are stated clearly on a post which reads “Ifite Youth Movement” warnings; No entry except by permission.remove your shoes before entry. Ladies under period banned. Receive receipt after payment. Herbalist or spiritual ceremony in the cave is banned. Deforestation of cave will be prosecuted, defaulters will be prosecuted.

Unfortunately painting graffiti on the wall is not forbidden hence the wall is filled with graffiti. Despite years gone ,this site still maintains its originality, still intact with all it’s spiritual and historical significance.

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3. Olumirin Waterfall

Also known as Erin Ijesha water fall is located in Erin Ijesha in Osun state Nigeria. It is a very popular tourist attraction site in Osun state. It is 2km away from Erin Ijesha town.According to information gathered ,the water fall is one of the most visited tourist site in Nigeria today. The water fall was discovered by a woman named Akinla founder of Erin Ijesha town,she is the ground daughter of oduduwa .The water flows among the rocks and splashes the ground with great force.

The surrounding is so serene and cool.It can easily be compared to the Agbokim water fall in cross river state.A visit to Osun state without visiting Erin-ijesha to behold this great nature wonder of Olumirin water fall,makes your visit incomplete.

4. Olumo Rock

Olumo rock is a very popular landmark in Yoruba land and Nigeria .It is very popular among tourist within and outside Nigeria. The rock sits majestically in the center of the ancient city of Abeokuta Ogun state. The meaning of the name Abeokuta can be linked to the rock as the name means “under the rock”.The earliest inhabitants of Abeokuta (The Egbas)used the rock as refuge during the inter-tribal wars in the 19th century.

This site is very close to the ever busy metropolitan city of Lagos and a hour drive from the Murtala Muhammed international airport.The proximity to the airport makes it easy for international visitor to have quick n easy access to the “Great Rock”.tourist coming over to Africa need to make olumo rock their top wish list of place to visit.

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Climbing the Rock comes with mixed feeling;very interesting because it gives climbers a beautiful landscape view of the surrounding city and the brownish roofs of the ancient buildings. The recent renovation done in the rock,gave the rock a new look with the inclusion of new museum, restaurants,water fountain and an elevator.

The climbing of the rock normally begins with the guide leading one to climb the man-made stairs carved into rock. The climbing comes with a mixed feeling as I mentioned earlier,one needs to take a deep breath to embark on it.It is a nerve-wrecking experience,especially to those with phobia for heights. The adventure continues with stepping on irregular shaped rocks which allows u to have balance,the cool clean breeze coming from the green trees around is always very refreshing.

Along the way, there are a lot to feed one’s eyes with; the beautiful carvings on the wall, statues made from cowries and the ancient domain of the priestesses who lived in the huts on the rock. The rock also provides view of the Ogun River which runs enthusiastically amidst roof of trees and beautiful green forest.

WOW! The journey, the climbing and the whole experience of the Great Olumo Rock will be an unforgettable feel.

5. Obudu Mountain Resort

The resort was formally known as Obudu cattle ranch. Located in cross river state.This beautiful resort was first developed in 1951 by Mr.MCcaughley,a Scot who first explored the mountain ranges in 1949. He developed it with the help of fellow ranchers (Mr Hugh Jones and Dr.Crawfield). The ranch has been rehabilitated with a cable car from base to top to enable tourist have a scenic view of it.

The climate on the mountain is Semi-temperate mountain climate. The ranch has gained both local and international recognition owing to the influx of visitors day in and day out from all over the world. The ranch should be on list of places to visit on touching down in Nigeria.

I am very sure you are already savouring to visit this places after reading this.

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