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Trafficking survivor turned saviour for 2500 victims


Nasima, a 13-year-old schoolgirl from West Bengal was sold to human traffickers by her own relative in Bihar. After living for months in the brothel, Nasima’s escape was no less than a miracle, but unfortunately, she found little support in the world outside.

But Nasima has not forgotten her plight. She decided to help others who shared her previous fate and along with some companions started  Indian Leadership Forum Against Trafficking (ILFAT), India’s first coalition of human trafficking survivors, which aims to affect change at the systemic level. Today, 2500 survivors have joined hands with Nasima to fight back and end human trafficking.

Trafficking is a bottomless pit with bleak chances of redemption.  The deep-rooted social stigma and systemic harassment leave little hope for victims. 


HELP, an award-winning developmental organisation is committed to ensuring that these 2500 survivors get the resources it needs to operationalize. They decided to turn to people for support and started a crowdfunding campaign at Milaap, South Asia’s largest crowdfunding platform. They found immense support from across the world and managed to collect Rs.5,63,386 to date. 

The funds that will be raised through this online crowdfunding campaign will be utilised by members of ILFAT to access lawyers for getting justice, appeal to higher courts (which many a time they are unable to do due to lack of funds), and to make sure that they receive adequate compensation as per law.


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