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How To Translate A Web Page


Looking on the internet, you found a good site, but its content is in Spanish or another foreign language, and for that you would like to translate it, and therefore you are looking at How To Translate A Web Page . You should be aware that there are currently several online tools that offer an excellent level of translation.

Regardless of whether you own a Mac or PC windows tools, I will offer a number of tools that are independent of the operating system used.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and see how to translate a web page together in a few easy steps.

Online services for web page translation


How To Translate A Web Page
How To Translate A Web Page

By far, this is one of the most popular and well-known translation services on the web, the quality of which is very accurate indeed. In order to start translating a web page, you just need to access the official Google Translator service and paste the URL you want to translate into the text box on the left, now select the translation language or check the Detect language option to automatically detect the translation language and select the target language, the translated link appears on the left. Clicking on the link on the right will take you to a service that translates the web page into your desired language.

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Google Translator is distributed on iOS and Android apps , but unlike the browser version, it does not integrate a function for translating web pages. To translate a web page using the Google Translator app, you need to copy and paste all the text onto the app screen.


Finally, you should know that if you use Google Chrome for navigation, Google Translator integrates directly into the browser. To use it, just visit the web page you want to translate, and at that moment the Google translate panel will appear, which will automatically offer machine translation.


While it does not allow for real-time translation of an entire webpage, I have to say that DeepL translator is the best translator out there. Better than all the big ones too. The secret of this translator lies in the use of artificial intelligence, which has managed to contextualize the phrase by studying human traditions. For this reason, I highly recommend using it if you just want to translate only part of a web page.

How To Translate A Web Page

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To do this, I recommend going to the official website and entering or pasting the part of the web page that you want to translate, choosing the language of the source text and immediately displaying the translation. More often than not, detection can be automatic, so you don’t have to choose a language. On the right side, it selects an element of the target language, for example English. DeepL also supports many other languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Polish.

The translator has one limit of 5,000 characters maximum that must be translated at a time. Try this translator and you will be amazed!


How To Translate A Web Page

Another noteworthy translator that helps you translate a webpage is definitely Microsoft Translator for Home. In order to use the service, you must be logged into the official Bing translator page . At this point, paste the web ling you want to translate into the first text cell, select the source language of the page like English and a link to the web page you want to translate will appear on the left. By clicking on it, you will see the translated page online or as a web page, but in your language.


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