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How To Update Your AMD Graphics Driver


The progress made with graphics cards in recent years is undeniable. The current market revolves around the duopoly of NVIDIA and AMD, two established manufacturers with superior products available in all price ranges. Sometimes, however, despite the progress of production processes, problems can arise, especially with regard to the software part. It is for this reason that in this guide, I will show you how to update your AMD graphics card drivers .

While this may seem like a very simple procedure, it can happen that unexpected events occur that are clearly unpleasant. The other day, for example, I had to reinstall AMD graphics card drivers from scratch. Once I had the upgrade, I didn’t find any more problems.

How to update your AMD graphics driver


When assembling a new PC or replacing an obsolete component, I am sure that you pay special attention to the specifications listed in the product specification. I mean, you don’t go into his software requirements that much. In fact, you should be aware that GPU drivers make improvements that should not be underestimated and that affect various aspects depending on whether it is AMD or NVIDIA, including performance.

AMD graphics cards, for example, use the Vulkan API , which improves various aspects of graphics rendering, especially in games. Therefore, always remember not to underestimate the software that accompanies PC components, because this is a really important piece at the moment.

AMD GPU types

If you are not very familiar with the graphics card industry, you probably do not know that there are different types of AMD GPUs . Basically, they are divided into integrated , i.e. included in the CPU, or dedicated , and therefore available as a standalone hardware component such as PCI Express x16.

Let’s take a look at the difference together so that we can fully understand how, then, it will be possible to update the AMD graphics chipset.



AMD integrated GPUs, like all integrated GPUs in general, are designed for low-cost systems and allow you to get good performance without the need to purchase a special graphics card. Plugged inside the processor, they offer more modest power than standalone solutions, but at the same time they allow you to perform all the most common operations, including not too heavy games.

Currently at the top of the category are the Vega APUs , which are present in both the second generation Ryzen and the later third generation. They are separated:

  • Vega 3
  • Vega 6
  • Vega 8
  • Vega 10
  • Vega 11

The Vega 11 version is used less and is intended for more specific configurations. Anyway, at the time of this writing, AMD processors with integrated GPUs for consideration (in my opinion) are as follows:

  • Ryzen 5 2400G with Vega 11
  • Ryzen 3 3200G with Vega 8
  • Ryzen 5 3400U with Vega 11

Thus, these Ryzen versions allow you to take advantage of the graphics unit inside the CPU, without having to spend money on an additional graphics card.



The world of AMD dedicated graphics cards is much broader. Inside, there are many models with different specifications, ranging from a few tens of euros and then rising to much higher prices. But you need to know that if you don’t have too ambitious goals, then the budget required to buy a good AMD GPU is between € 150.00 and € 250.00. With this solution, you can even play the latest games in Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) without any problems.

Another detail that should not be underestimated is the distribution of these components. AMD manufactures its own line of Radeon graphics cards and sells them both online and in stores. However, many game-oriented manufacturers such as MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS use AMD graphics cards as the basis for specialized and generally high-performance products .

Do not forget about the presence on the market of the company “Sapphire” , which can boast of long-term cooperation in this area and, as a rule, manages to maintain an excellent price / quality ratio.

Currently, depending on the budget, these are the most interesting AMD dedicated GPUs on the market:

  • MSI Radeon RX 560
  • Sapphire Radeon RX 590
  • XFX AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

With these graphics cards, you can view videos and play games in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). Plus, you shouldn’t have any problems with video and amateur photo editing. Keep in mind, however, that 4K gaming is still pretty heavy with all the filters active. Therefore, the FPS will be much lower than, for example, 1080p @ 144Hz, which will run much smoother.

Preliminary operations

There are usually two scenarios in which you want to update the drivers for an AMD video card: the first is buying a new video card to replace the one inside the computer; the second is to exclusively update AMD drivers with the latest.

In both cases, however, before proceeding with the installation, a so-called AMD driver wipe must be performed in order to remove the previous drivers from the PC and avoid possible conflicts. In fact, if you overwrite the program , it is very likely that you will find errors later, which will still force you to reinstall the video drivers from scratch. In that case, proceed as I will show you now.



The main thing you need to do before updating your AMD graphics card drivers is to check the GPU model installed on your computer.

If you are using Windows , the most common versions such as W7, W8 and W10 have software called GPU-Z that can be downloaded for free from this address on the TechPowerUp website . Once opened, you will immediately see the graphics card installed in your PC and its technical specifications (such as frequency, BIOS, memory, etc.).

How To Update Your AMD Graphics Driver
How To Update Your AMD Graphics Driver

If you are using macOS or Mac OS X , you can view detailed information about the video card by following the path. Apple menu> About This Mac.Then click on System report and in the sidebar on the left select Hardware and after Graphics / Monitor . The Chipset Model item will indicate the type of GPU installed on your Mac.

In the case of Ubuntu / Linux , instead, you can follow the path System > Preferencesand select Hardware Information (or a similar option depending on the version of Linux installed).

As another option, under Linux you can also run these two commands:

sudo apt-get install hardinfo

This will open up a truly intuitive GUI with all system specifications, including those related to GPUs.



Before proceeding, although the data is not deleted, it is a good idea to create at least one restore point . In case of problems or complications, you can return to the previous state without unnecessary headaches. Replacing drivers is harmless in itself, but operating system failures are not uncommon.

To complete this step, if you are using Windows , I recommend that you carefully read my guide on how to create a restore point on W10.

If you are using Linux , since there is no restore point feature (at least for the time being), you can use the Back to the past feature so you can make a whole backup.

In the case of a macro , instead, you only need to use a utility called Time Machine.



After creating a restore point, before updating the drivers for AMD graphics cards, you must clear the previously installed software .

In Windows 10, open the Apps & features section . The video card drivers are installed as a normal application, and you just need to type in the search bar “AMD Software ” or simply “AMD ” to find the ones that are stored on your computer. To remove them , click the Remove button . However, if you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8, you need to go to Programs and Features through Control Panel .


Alternatively, always under Windows, you can use the Display Driver Uninstaller (also known as DDU). It’s actually a free app that, thanks to a really easy-to-use interface, lets you ditch AMD drivers forever. You can download it directly from the Wagnardsoft developer site , choosing the version that works best for your operating system.

To completely remove the AMD drivers, you can use the utility AMD Cleanup Utility. You can find it at this address on the AMD website , and it’s completely free.

However, in order to perform a full cleanup, be sure to launch this software or manually uninstall it by starting Windows 10 in Safe Mode .

On the other hand, using Linux is much easier. Since Ubuntu and Linux use the AMD GPU-PRO driver package , you can simply run this command from Terminal :


This will completely remove the AMD graphics card drivers. I suggest that you restart your computer before proceeding with the installation of new ones.

If you have macOS , you should simply skip this step and overwrite the previous drivers. You shouldn’t have much of a problem. However, if you are using Windows on a Mac via Boot Camp , make sure the AMD drivers are not installed.

Downloading ATI / AMD Catalyst Drivers


The download of AMD Catalyst drivers is often piecemeal, as each vendor makes individual versions on their site. In practical terms, however, the ideal solution for updating AMD graphics card drivers is to install the official AMD Catalyst drivers directly from the page provided by the graphics chipset manufacturer. The procedure will be very simple and you won’t have any problems in the future either.

First, connect to the official AMD website , select your graphics card model and click the “Submit” button . If you don’t remember the model name, in addition to the AMD identification methods I mentioned above, if you are using Windows , you can download the AMD Driver Auto-Detect tool from this address in the AMD FAQ. Just launch it and find out which AMD GPU is installed on your desktop or laptop.

However, after selecting a GPU model on the AMD website, you will be presented with a menu where you can select your operating system version . Do not underestimate this step: always install only Catalyst drivers that are fully compatible with your PC to avoid any nuisances (such as the so-called Blue Screen of Death).

After that, in most cases, you will have two options: install the optional or standard version (which includes WHQL certified versions). The only difference between the two versions is the additions from AMD. Therefore, in both cases, the drivers for the AMD graphics card will be completely updated. To download them, click the Download button and wait until they are saved on your computer.

If you’re using Windows on a Mac via Boot Camp , I recommend downloading AMD drivers via the following BootCampDrivers site . Since Apple does not allow regular AMD drivers to be installed in Boot Camp, you can use these custom packages to keep AMD drivers optimized for this environment. Alternatively, you can use the AMD Configurator, select Mac Graphics and after Apple Boot Camp .

On Ubuntu / Linux , you can instead download the AMDGPU-PRO drivers from this AMD support address . Or you can even use the interactive setup menu (like in Windows) and then select CentOS or Ubuntu in x86 or 64-bit. While open source drivers are already available, I suggest installing them to optimize the performance of the graphics industry.

While on Mac OS X , you can always load drivers from the original configurator using Mac Graphics .


If you are using Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7, or even Linux, and of course you have a dedicated AMD graphics card , you can update your AMD graphics card drivers to beta .

In particular, on Windows, it is enough to connect to this address of the Guru3D website and download the latest version of AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition (a new type of driver that replaced Catalyst, now practically of the same name on the Internet). Beta versions are often available in this section. Always check the compatibility of the software before installing it.

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Instead, about Ubuntu / Linux , you need to download the AMDGPU-PRO Beta Beta drivers by searching the net with the “AMDGPU-PRO Beta Linux ” key . Maybe you can also add the Ubuntu / Linux version you are using like Ubuntu 19.04 LTS . This type of driver is more rarely available than for Windows.



Several years ago it was possible to update AMD graphics card drivers to a blockchain optimized version . This version was called the Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition Beta for Blockchain . However, this building is now outdated.

Currently, the best solution for cryptocurrency mining is to use classic drivers ( recommended above) and configure them in compute mode. Find this option in AMD’s the Radeon the Settings, following the path Gaming > Global Settings (Games > Global Settings), and then selecting the GPU the Workload (Download the GPU) Set this option to Calculate and save your changes. In this case, after restarting the PC, the changes will be active.

Installing AMD Drivers

After you finish downloading the driver package for your AMD graphics card, you will need to proceed with the installation . Continue reading according to your operating system.



On Windows , since it is an executable .exe file, you only need to double-click on it to start the process. An interface will open immediately and will extract the required documents to a temporary folder prior to installation. This will also be the folder where the actual installation will take place.

The AMD graphics driver installation interface will now begin, giving you the option to select fast mode or custom mode . Using the latter, you can manually select which components to install from the following:

  • AMD Radeon Settings
  • Report Problem Wizard
  • HDMI audio drivers
  • AMD video drivers

You can then select only certain types of drivers over others.


I almost forgot. In case you forgot to uninstall previously installed drivers , AMD will give you one last chance to uninstall them. All you have to do is click the Uninstall current software button on the left to continue . However, it is always helpful to use the above methods for a more thorough cleaning.



If you are using Ubuntu / Linux , then run this command to run the installer:

sudo amdgpu-pro-install

Confirms various requests and ends the installation script. Then, if you are using OpenCL applications, you might want to install the ROCm component . You can do it through this command:

sudo apt install -y rocm-amdgpu-pro

To set it up, I suggest you read the steps at the bottom of this AMD FAQ page .



Using Mac OS X , simply open the .dmg file and follow the installation wizard to install the updated AMD driver. This will prompt you for your Mac administrator password.


In all of the above cases, if your screen flickers black for a few moments during installation, don’t worry, these are just new drivers that replace the default system drivers.

After completing the operation, restart your PC for the changes to take effect. Then you should fix the problem permanently. If not, try the steps I just suggested again, paying more attention to GPU driver compatibility.

ATI / AMD driver version control


After you’ve managed to update your AMD graphics card driver, you need to check the version to make sure the update was successful.

If you are using Windows , just right-click anywhere on the screen and click AMD Radeon Settings .

In a few moments, you will see the user interface and be able to use all the settings that the manufacturer provides you. The most important of these are by far the Video part, which allows you to change the color settings of the screen, the Game part, which is used to create custom profiles for each title, and the Screen , which allows you to change the resolution and many other options.


However, to check the version of the ATI / AMD driver , you must click the System button . This will give you a complete overview of both software and hardware.

Finally, a little trick. After installing the AMD Catalyst Driver Package, you no longer need to use the official website to download new drivers . It’s enough to click on an item the Updates , which appears at the bottom of the interface, and then click the Check for updates (Check for updates), to see if new versions are released.

Using Ubuntu / Linux , you can check the AMD driver version by going to  System > Preferences to the ATI Catalyst Control Center login. In the “Information” section you will find the build number of the video card driver.

On macOS , newer versions don’t need to do anything. You will update your driver every time you update your macOS. However, if you have an older version of Mac OS X and have an updated compatible version installed as recommended above, you can check the ATI Catalyst Control Center Installed Information .

What to do if you can’t find new AMD drivers.

Sometimes, unfortunately, it can happen that you cannot update the drivers for video cards on Ubuntu / Linux or Windows, simply because you cannot find new ones . This situation is very easy to explain: like all hardware components, graphics cards have limited support over time . After several years, in fact, especially low-powered models no longer receive updates from the manufacturer.

For example, if your graphics card is for Windows 7 and you are experiencing malfunctions in Windows 10, you can either downgrade your rating to Windows 7 (but I do not recommend doing this) or upgrade your graphics card . You can do the latter, provided your motherboard supports the latest generation of dedicated GPUs, perhaps DDR5 or DDR6 .

In case you have a mob that supports the upgrade, I suggest a graphics card like the MSI Radeon RX 580 8 GB for the best value for money.

Do not forget, as I said, that you will need to check the compatibility of your motherboard with the new video card. To verify this, you need to read the compatibility specifications on the manufacturer’s website. If not, check out your best PC gaming guide to find the model that best suits your budget and needs.


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