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VerifyMe’s new secured funds to unlock financial inclusion


Identification verification and KYC Technology Company, VerifyMe Nigeria, said it has secured a Series A financing from Consonance Investment Managers to expand services.

It said the funds will be used  for strategic partnerships and also bring new digital identification verification products to market.

The company Co-founder/CEO, Mr. Esigie Aguele, said  the company is delighted to partner with Consonance Investment Managers in its mission to build Africa’s KYC infrastructure.


Aguele said: “Digital services are a key catalyst for Africa’s economic growth and financial inclusion but they can only be unlocked if there’s a mechanism to verify identity at scale. We strive to transform the digital landscape by providing businesses with KYC-as-a-service tools to verify their client identities.”

According to him, VerifyMe, plans to expand adoption across Nigeria and grow revenue twenty-fold over the next three years. He added that the fund will help unlock financial inclusion and intervention services in rural communities.

Also, Managing Partner at Consonance Investment Managers, Mobolaji Adeoye, said authenticated identity is a critical foundation of digital commerce and financial services. He added that it’s the cornerstone of trust which is essential for collaboration in economies.

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