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How To View Your Facebook History


To find out what a Facebook profile is doing, you can view its activity in a variety of ways. You may want to take a look at what you did or what someone close to you did after leaving their computer, tablet, or smartphone for them to use on social networks. However, without knowing how to proceed, you’ve probably wondered how to view your Facebook history.

In the next tutorial, I’ll explain what you need to do to view and possibly edit or delete your Facebook history. Then let’s see how to proceed. Remember, however, that this guide is written for informational purposes only, and you alone will be responsible for your actions.

How to view your Facebook history


The first thing you need to know about Facebook history is that some activity records, although visible, may not be visible to your friends. Thus, for this type of activity, you can already be invisible or anonymous. For example, if the privacy of a message is set to Just Me, no one else can view it but you.

That is, if there is no other person who has access to your Facebook profile, maybe because he knows your password or because you have the same account. Let’s see what to do about it.

View your activities on your Facebook profile


If you want to see your Facebook profile activity and use your computer, log into your wall and select Activity Log . If you are using the iOS or Android app, connect to your Log, click the Other menu and select Activity Log .

How To View Your Facebook History
How To View Your Facebook History

At this point, you can view all of your activities in chronological order. To find them faster, you can use the past function.

Either way, you should have found posts, stories, comments, likes and new friends associated with your page.

View your Facebook friends’ activities


If you want to see what your other Facebook friends are doing , there seems to be no way to do it. Actually, you can look up his name in the Facebook search bar.

By doing so, you will get a lot of results about his activities, such as all the posts that he has published in his diary or in the various groups to which he belongs. The same can be done for Facebook pages .

View deleted Facebook history


You can use your browser history to see the Facebook history that has been deleted . In fact, when you delete activity in your Facebook account history, the browser history associated with it is not automatically deleted either.

As a result, you can view and possibly delete it using the browser used while browsing. If it were an application for a smartphone or tablet, then in this case there would be no way to see it again, unless you have previously installed spy or keylogger applications . Read this Chrome guide to find out more. You can also adapt it to other browsers.

How to delete your Facebook account history


If you’re going to delete your Facebook history , you don’t have to work hard. To remove an entry from the activity log, click on the three dots that appear next to it and select the Delete option .

Instead, to delete Facebook notifications associated with a post, click the Notifications option , find what you want to delete, click the three dots and select Delete this notification .

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Finally, if you want to turn off notifications for a message, in the same Notifications section, click on the three dots and select the option Turn off notifications for this message . More information on this can be found in another tutorial I posted earlier.

View the Facebook history of the contact who blocked you.


If you want to spy on the history of a blocked account in the FB , you cannot use the above methods. Instead, you can use Instagram . The photo social network is actually closely related to Facebook.

Since it is possible to automatically post from Facebook to Instagram , it is very likely that this person did it in the past and still does it today. You only need to search for her name on Instagram and follow her profile to watch the photos and videos she posts. This, of course, if it was a public profile (private profiles should accept you first).

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If you’ve been blocked on Instagram too, that’s okay. In fact, you can see incognito Instagram stories. In addition, you can view your public messages using other applications.


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