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Wattpad – How To Read and Write on Wattpad |


You are looking for an online community where you can tell your story. Wattpad is the right choice for you. Wattpad is an online community for storytellers, an open platform where users can post written work. These are written works such as stories, articles, poetry, and fiction.

What I love about this platform is that store listing can be done either through the web platform or through their mobile app, which is available in all mobile stores. This story community gives you the ability to comment and like the stories of other users, or even join a group.

Statistics show that the majority of users are from the United States of America. Users also visit this platform from other countries such as UK, Australia, Canada, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica and many more.

A brief history of Wattpad

This platform was founded in 2006 by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen. Wattpad is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. In early 2007, more than 17,000 e-books were added to this platform as part of the Gutenberg project, which made these books available to mobile users.

According to Wikipedia, Wattpad has received a total of nearly $ 70 million in funding from investors. In 2012, it was reported that a total of $ 17.3 million was raised from a venture fund led by Khosla venture. In April 2014, it also announced a $ 46 million Series C funding, led by OMERS.

Wattpad – How To Read and Write on Wattpad |
Wattpad – How To Read and Write on Wattpad |

Wattpad has made it possible for most of the voting stories to appear on the Most Popular List. The authors of most of the stories that received the most votes are teenagers. There is also a Featured Stories section where users can promote content that has been reviewed and approved by staff and the content editorial board. – Official Web Platform

Most users found it so difficult to access this platform. If you entered the correct URL in the address bar section, the portal will load. The official URL for this web platform is Make sure you entered it correctly.

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If this is your first time visiting this platform, there are no special requirements. All you have to do is write everything you do and share it in the Wattpad community. You need a lot of stories, and it’s easy to read them on this platform.

You can use your mobile phone to read stories. The good thing about reading stories on this platform is that it doesn’t matter if you’re online or in the office. User can read stories easily without worrying about downloading any PDF files.

Become part of the experience

Get your articles to be viewed by thousands of readers and see how readers and other viewers have reacted to your content. There is a built-in comment section that allows users to share thoughts and interact with the story as they read. On, whatever story the story is, the reader is already waiting for you, so get started.

In other cases, to get started or take full advantage of this platform, the user needs to set up an account. This is in order to obtain Wattpad login information so that you can log in to Wattpad at any time, please read our registration instructor to set up your account.


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